26 August 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

My mom came up again this weekend for a visit and to watch Palmer while Mitch and I had a few things to do. 

Friday started with me giving blood. It was only my 2nd time because after my first time, there was always a reason why i couldn't donate again for awhile (going away to Mexico, being pregnant, etc). As a nurse, I know how much blood can help a person, and being O negative (the rarest type at 7% of the population but the universal blood type in which anyone can have), I know how much more my blood type can help!

Friday evening, Mitch and I headed over to Whoop-Up Days. I had never been before, so with free tickets to get in the gates and a free baby sitter, why not go? I think the fair was much better when I was younger and went on the rides. Mitch and I wandered up the Midway a few times, stopped for an elephant ear, some mini dounts and a lemonade, and made our way over to the stage. The band was just OK. We sat for a few songs then made our way to play some games. Mitchell ended up winning a stuffed monkey, which we gave to Palmer!

Playing with my new monkey!

Saturday, Mom and I went to a garage sale down the street and got Palmer 2 new toys! They light up and play music - her favorite kind!!

Then, Mitchell and I, along with Candice (Mitchell's sister) and her fiance, played in a golf tournament. We have played in this tournament for quite a few years now and have always done fairly well. Last year, we were even one point off of winning the entire thing. Not this year. This year we I sucked BIG TIME! I'm going to blame my awful golf play on only playing a few rounds this year! This was the first year we didn't win a prize...one point off. And it all came down to my drive on the last hole, which I hit out of bounds, costing us 2 strokes! UGH! Terrible! 

Saturday was the longest I had ever been away from Palmer - 11 hours! Grandma said she was such a good girl though (I'm not surprised) and I think it was good for me too; practice for when I go back to work next week.

Sunday we did some yard work, played with Aunty Candice, played another round of golf while we had a free babysitter, then caught up on our Sunday night shows, Breaking Bad and Big Brother! 
Playing outside with Aunty Candice (the ball is one of Palmers new-to-her toys from the garage sale)
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  1. Way to go giving blood..as a nurse I guess I am ashamed, I NEVER have given blood...opps! Sounds like you had a fun weekend and your babe is oh so cute!

    1. Aww, thanks Chelsey. We think she is pretty cute too! :)

      I have only given blood twice, but definitely worth it. We give blood fairly regularly on our floor so I see first hand how helpful it can be!!