8 July 2013

Life With a New Baby - From The Dog's Eyes

Before Palmer came along, Leaf was our baby. He was certainly a spoiled dog. I was hoping that after baby came along, the way we treated Leaf wouldn't change, but it did. 

4 month old Leaf
Leaf LOVES water
and playing outside
6 month old Leaf in his pool
4 year old Leaf in his pool
So, of course I don't know exactly what Leaf is thinking, but most times, I think I have a pretty good idea. I can tell that since Palmer came along, he feels left out at times. I can tell that sometimes he is sad. But now that Palmer is on a regular routine, it is much easier to spend quality time with Leaf when she is napping or in bed. Even on nice days, I am able to play with Leaf in the yard while Palmer sits on a blanket and watches.

I’m sure the past 6 months have been difficult for Leaf. Not only was it traumatizing for him to move into our new house which is full of laminate floors (which he is nearly deathly afraid of) but having Palmer come along couldn’t have been easy for him either. Leaf’s “job” before Palmer was to be cute and cuddly, get all the attention, and keep Mitchell and I company. After Palmer arrived, for awhile Leaf’s “job” changed to “go find something to do outside to amuse yourself while we are busy inside with the new baby.” I don’t think I really realized it at first how much bringing home a new baby is a huge change for everyone, pets included.

Obviously, Leaf doesn’t need special toys to feel important. He just wants love and lots of walks. He would walk all day every day if we could. I have tried to get out at least once a day for a walk, but when it was colder, it was hard with Palmer being a baby and Mitchell working all day. Now that it’s nice out, it hasn’t been much of a problem at all, unless it’s raining (which it has been doing a lot of these days).
2 of Leaf's favourite things: swimming and walks
 At first, Leaf wasn’t too sure of the new addition to the family. He didn’t like to be near Palmer at all. He would growl and try to run away if you held her close to him. Now, he likes giving her kisses and sniffs (probably because she has left over bananas on her face). I have also noticed lately, that Palmer has become much more interested in Leaf. She will watch him run around the yard, look at him through the window, try to touch him when he comes close. The two of them are really warming up to each other. I’m sure once Palmer gets moving more, she’ll be trying to chase him all over the yard (and if we ever get Leaf to not be afraid of the floors, she may even chase him around the house).

Like I said, now that there is a much better routine around here, Leaf has been getting more attention from everyone. I’m sure it will only get better from here!

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  1. Oh my goodness, the laminate flooring thing kills me! What a funny dog :)