31 December 2013

Looking Forward To 2014

Some pretty amazing things happened over the last year for us. Most notably, the birth of our beautiful baby daughter and growing from a family of two into three.

Reflecting back, we have made an amazing amount of new memories as a family, and I cannot wait to make a million more new memories together in 2014.

Now, I have never really been one to make New Year's resolutions, but this year, I want to better myself and my relationships. I want to remember to savour precious time with Palmer, Mitch and my family. I want to take it easy and not sweat the small stuff. I want to not rush things, not force things to happen. I want to make sure my time spent with Palmer is doing things she wants to do (most of the time anyways). There will always be time for cleaning up or laundry later.

For me, I want to make a routine for myself, that won't take time away from my family, but allows me to get in the quality gym time that I have been longing for since before I gave birth. I want to be more strict with my healthy eating, but not get so carried away that I cannot enjoy food. I want to make myself a better, healthier person, so that I am able to care for, provide for, and be able to spend the precious time with my family.

Here's to a great 2013 and an even better 2014!!!!!

I took this post as an opportunity to share our most recent family photos!!!

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Christmas at the Lowe's

Christmas this year showed up way too quickly. Seems to be a trend this year - time flying by much too fast.

the loot, and that wasn't even all of it!!
We hosted Christmas at our house this year. With it being Palmer's first Christmas and me having to work a night shift, we figured it was a good idea to stay close to home for the holidays.

Palmer with Mommy and Uncle Troy
Christmas Eve was filled with a lot of delicious (unhealthy) food, games, good company, and a fun gift exchange between the adults.

Christmas morning, Christmas jammies
Christmas morning we all took our time waking up. With Palmer not really having any clue what is going on this year for Christmas, there was no need for us to wake up at the crack of dawn to rush downstairs to see what Santa had left for us.

We started our morning with a nice brunch with bacon, eggs, ham, cinnamon buns, and a delicious fruit tray. We started opening gifts around 11am, and wow, were there ever a lot of gifts to open. Our only problem with starting the gift opening so late was that we started to run into Palmer's nap time so about halfway through, she was starting to get pretty cranky. She also was getting cranky when we would help her to open a gift, show it to her, and try to get her to open the next gift without her getting to play with the previous gift!

my new gift!
Palmer's stuff....so spoiled!!!
our matching new green pants and purple slippers
 We all got spoiled this year!!! Mitch and I didn't go overboard with gifts for Palmer this year (because she didn't know what was going on and because we knew everyone else would be spoiling her). She was a pretty lucky little girl this year! I too, was a lucky girl this year! I was completely surprised by my new camera (which I love) and a surprise trip to Whitefish from Mitchell (which I also love).

Turkey dinner was delicious, as usual. I love turkey dinner. It is one of my favourite meals.
the 29lb bird!!!

The day ended with a full belly and me heading into work!

Our family Christmas Photo

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20 December 2013

11 Months: Palmer's Life

I know I saw this every month, but seriously, I cannot believe our sweet little Palmer has been in our life for 11 months already!

In just one short month, Palmer will be one year old, and I know this month is going to just fly by. It will go as quickly as the previous 11 have come and gone. With Christmas just around the corner, then New Years, Palmer's 1st birthday will be here before we know it!

It is seriously getting near impossible to get a good picture of her sitting still!!!

Whats going on this month?

1. Palmer is finished wearing her Starband helmet!!

2. Palmer is still cruising all over the place and we are patiently waiting for her first steps by herself.

3. Palmer has started to say "mama" and I love it!! (she still says "dada' much more though).

4. Palmer knows how to clap her hands and give hugs and kisses.

5. Palmer understands what "NO" means, but sometimes doesn't listen.

6. Palmer LOVES the tickle monster and tickle parties! And I can't get enough of her little laugh!

7. Palmer has started reading stories to herself. Often, I will see her holding a book, babbling away to herself. Its the cutest thing!

I can tell her little mind is just absorbing everything around her. She is so curious and is non-stop moving. In a matter of 10 seconds, shes gone from the activity table, to lying on Leaf's bed, to throwing all her books off the shelf, and back to walking along the couch. We think she's busy now....I'm sure we will be in for a big surprise once she starts walking on her own!

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15 December 2013

Life Lately...

Life these days is busy! We have had a lot of things going on.

1) Trying to prepare for Christmas - gift buying, dinner planning, organizing, sending out Christmas cards (a little later that I had hoped to!!!) There is a lot to do. With it being Palmer's first Christmas and with me having to work a night shift on Christmas night, we figured it would be best to have Christmas dinner at our house, not to mention, the in-law's are in the middle of renovations on their house so their house is in no shape to host Christmas.

2) Palmer went to our dayhome for the first time by herself last week for a couple of hours. I'm so proud of her for doing so well. I thought for sure she would have some separation issues when Mitch dropped her off, but she was so good. Only fussed over her diaper change, which is a common occurrence around here too! I feel really good about sending her there come January.

3) I'm trying to start the planning and preparation for Palmer's first birthday which is coming up in January. I've still got about 6 weeks, but I know that time will just fly by! There is a whole list of things I need to do: invites, decorations, gift ideas, treat bags, food, and the list goes on and on!

4) We are (kind of) in the process of transitioning from two naps to one. There are several days when Palmer will have a couple short cat-naps throughout the day, but I'm trying to start having her do just one long afternoon nap. It worked out great yesterday, she slept for 2 hours in the afternoon. Today, she went down at noon - we'll see how long it lasts.

5) Palmer is only wearing her Starband helmet now when she sleeps at night. We have seen such a huge difference from when we first started wearing it back in September. We are so happy with the results. I think in another week or two, she won't be wearing it at all!!\

6) We got back or photos from Palmer's Christmas Mini Photo Shoot - we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! I'm excited to share them, but it will have to wait til after Christmas! :)

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