20 December 2013

11 Months: Palmer's Life

I know I saw this every month, but seriously, I cannot believe our sweet little Palmer has been in our life for 11 months already!

In just one short month, Palmer will be one year old, and I know this month is going to just fly by. It will go as quickly as the previous 11 have come and gone. With Christmas just around the corner, then New Years, Palmer's 1st birthday will be here before we know it!

It is seriously getting near impossible to get a good picture of her sitting still!!!

Whats going on this month?

1. Palmer is finished wearing her Starband helmet!!

2. Palmer is still cruising all over the place and we are patiently waiting for her first steps by herself.

3. Palmer has started to say "mama" and I love it!! (she still says "dada' much more though).

4. Palmer knows how to clap her hands and give hugs and kisses.

5. Palmer understands what "NO" means, but sometimes doesn't listen.

6. Palmer LOVES the tickle monster and tickle parties! And I can't get enough of her little laugh!

7. Palmer has started reading stories to herself. Often, I will see her holding a book, babbling away to herself. Its the cutest thing!

I can tell her little mind is just absorbing everything around her. She is so curious and is non-stop moving. In a matter of 10 seconds, shes gone from the activity table, to lying on Leaf's bed, to throwing all her books off the shelf, and back to walking along the couch. We think she's busy now....I'm sure we will be in for a big surprise once she starts walking on her own!

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