23 June 2016

That Friday Post

the weeks seem to be going by faster than I imagined they would, which is perfect because that means we are closer to our vacation and closer to moving into our new house! I pictured the days and weeks dragging on and on and on and feeling like forever! But, as of Friday, we have 35 days until our 2 week long vacation and 1 month and 20 days until we get the new house (the day after we get back from vacation). But, aside from that, here is what's been going on around here!

1. Last weekend, I got to meet my new niece and I snapped a few pictures of her for my sister-in-law. She's just so precious, and I LOVE how much hair she has!!!

2. We started a modified sleep training routine with Charlie this past week, and she is adjusting really well. My biggest goal from this was to not have her feeding throughout the night and so far, so good! We have managed to have only a couple wake-ups in the night, with no more than a little fussing and no feeds. I was worried being in the RV would make this really difficult, but it's been pretty OK!

3. Our gym has reduced its child care hours during the week. We use to get it every evening, but now its only Monday and Tuesdays evenings, so it forces me to go during the day, which isn't a bad thing. It's actually a little nicer because I know the girls will be getting ready for bed at the time I like them to, especially with Charlie sleep training, I want to have a consistent bed time for her.

4. Palmer finished up her soccer season on Wednesday. It went about as well as I expected it to. There were days she played and days she didn't care to. Typical 3 year old! I think her favourite part of the whole season was the last day. I mean, pizza and cotton candy. Whats not to love?? I am hoping to put her in gymnastics again in the Fall.

5. One thing I love about the summer months is all the fresh produce. I am not a big fan of cooking, and I am even less of a fan when it heats up the house (in our case, the RV) in the summer. So, any fresh veggies and fruits that I can turn into an easy meal, I'm happy about! We found a great little place on the edge of town, where all the bags of produce are $2! Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce! I've also heard there are great greenhouses in Redcliff, the town about 5 minutes away. I saw a truck today that said "Redcliff, the Greenhouse Capital of the Prairies" so maybe this weekend, we will head out there to check them out!

What do you have on your weekend to-do list??

9 June 2016

That Friday Post

I'm sitting here at the library typing this up. Its the only place I get a consistent wifi signal (besides the gym). I'm sure the librarians think we are crazy, because we are here every single day. We check out books, the girls play with the toys, Palmer uses the computer and I browse on my laptop, all to return the next day and do it all over again. But, with the heat wave we are having right now, its a nice cool place to sneak away to in the afternoon!!

But, what's been going on with us lately? 

I became and Auntie last week! Mitchell's sister had her baby June 3, a sweet little girl, Zyla Rain. This little girl has So. Much. Hair! I think she's almost got more thank Palmer! HA. I can't wait to go meet her soon!

Like I mentioned, we are in a heat wave, and when it is 35 degrees (95 F for my American friends) outside in the afternoon, we need to find ways to keep cool! I find it tricky with a baby to find things to do while keeping her safe from the heat. The afternoon heat is too much for her, so we have been doing the splash park in the late morning and inside activities in the afternoon. Even later in the the evening, its still pretty warm out, so even things like taking the dog for a walk is tricky. 

Charlie is totally in this mommy-suck phase. So much so, that almost every time I am at the gym, I get called back to the daycare. I remember Palmer going through this too. But, I feel like there isn't much that calms Charlie, other than me picking her up! 

Other than that fun stuff, not much else is new. The countdown is on to moving into our new house. Only 2 months and 6 days left! LOL! You can read about it here

Hope you all have a great weekend, and stay cool (or warm, or dry....)

8 June 2016

Home Is Where You Make It

Well, by now, I am sure you have figured out that we have moved. Mitch accepted a really great job in a new city, and after months of being apart, the girls and I have finally officially joined him. 

At first I was hesitant. Hesitant to leave our life that we had made in Lethbridge. After 12 years of living there, it was our home. It was the place I met Mitch. I started my nursing career. It’s where our babies were born.  My job, our friends, our wonderful day home lady, all in Lethbridge. But, I knew this job is an amazing opportunity for Mitch. I can easily find a nursing job. We will make new friends. But, an opportunity like this for Mitch doesn’t come up very often, so we knew he had to take it. 

The sale of our home went slow at the start, but once we had an offer, it was quick packing and moving, with a short possession date. That left us with a short amount of time to find our house. We had been looking around for quite some time, and nothing stood out to us. We may of had a long list of items we wanted in our home, but thats because we had many of the items checked off in our other house, and didn’t want to “downgrade” to a lesser house. 

When we walked onto this property, we knew it was the one. Nothing else we had looked at even compared. The yard space is amazing. The privacy is like none other we saw. It was the only house I walked in to and could actually picture our family there. Lots of room for the girls. The dog would be in love with the yard. I could picture myself having coffee on the deck and people over in the back yard. 

I instantly started envisioning our things in this home; imagining how I would decorate it. The decor isn’t exactly our style, but the home was so well cared for, that it is all livable until we slowly fix things over time. The first thing to go will be the baby poop brown walls! I want to change it to something light and bright!

I can’t decide what is my favourite part. The walk out to the deck from the master bedroom. The amazing back yard for the girls and the dog. Hearing the sound of the rustling creek to the north, while enjoying a drink by the fire. Being able to plant the garden I’ve thought about having. It’s all perfect!

Thought this whole long process, I have really come to see that hoe really is where you make it. Its with the people you love. It doesn't matter where you live, or what you are living in, as long as the people you want to be with are there, there is nothing more you could ask for.

So, until August 13, we will be all cozy together in the RV, living it up camping sale. But that’s ok. It will just make moving into our new home that much sweeter.  

5 June 2016

Our First Hatter Weekend

This was our first official weekend being Medicine Hat residents (Hatters). Not much is different about it from the other weekends we have been spending here, other than the fact that we are now Hatters. 

The girls seem to be adjusting well. I mean, really they don’t understand the difference anyhow. They just know that mommy and daddy are here, and that is all good to them. I, on the other hand, notice the things that use to just be there, that now we don't have. Wifi. A decent sized fridge. Space. The good news is though, that the weather is HOT and we have been able to spend a lot of time outside. Disconnected time. We have been doing picnics and outside goodness. 

So, our first official Hatter weekend was kicked off with sunshine, sprinklers, and family. Could you ask for anything better?

But, now I gotta get back to my Sunday evening, outside in the heat, enjoying my Sangria. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

2 June 2016

That Friday Post

The weeks just seem to be slipping away from me lately. Things were so crazy and hectic for awhile that I neglected this little space of mine. But, we should be in a relatively regular schedule now! I'm hoping. 

Anyways, on to my five random things. 

1. We officially don't live in Lethbridge anymore, as of yesterday. The new home owners took possession Thursday and we are now waiting to move into our new house. It's not until August though, so we are in limbo for a couple months. Good thing it's summer and we can spend a lot of the time outside! 

2. Does anyone else's kids have a problem going to bed now that it's light outside so late?? Ugh! Palmer thinks she needs to be up until 9:30 and Charlie, well her sleeping is all over the map right now. But still, I'm going to contribute that to bright at bedtime! 

3. I love me some good matching sister outfits! Sometimes I do it on purpose, but I do find a lot of the time they are matching without it being planned, like yesterday! 

4. I have teamed up with Franc Heart Collective to giveaway a $20 shop credit, so make sure to check out my Instagram to enter! 

5. Now that the whole moving thing has settled down, I can get off my "moving so we have no food in the house" diet of pizza and take out and get back on track with meals and exercise. It really is amazing how much better I feel when I eat better!!! 

Anyways. Happy weekend, my friends. 

1 June 2016

Franc Heart Collective: Shop Spotlight & Giveaway

What's cuter than a baby in leggings? A baby in cute slim harem leggings!! That's exactly what you'll get from Franc Heart Collective! Made from soft, organic cotton with bamboo cuffs, these pants are a favourite of mine for Charlie. 

Teryn's leggings are incredibly well made, which is so important to me. The quality of the sewing is superb. They hold up great to a busy babe and stand up so well in the wash. They come out looking just like new every single time. My only regret is that I didn't snag a pair for Palmer too!

Franc Heart Collective, an amazing Canadian company,  makes much more than just leggings. Her hoodies in the winter are too adorable for words. There is just something I absolutely love about babes in hoodies! I will definitely be getting matching sister ones in the Fall! And, she makes cute little rompers and shorties for the summer in the most stylish prints!! 

Teryn has really hit the nail on the head with these leggings. The style is so on point and they look super trendy. Although they are a little big on Charlie now, that only means they will be absolutely perfect in the Fall and Winter, and will definitely be on repeat until then too!

Good news for you, readers. Teryn is giving away a $20 shop credit to one of you! YAY! Just head on over to my Instagram to enter! You won't want to miss out on this one!

Disclaimer: Product was gifted to me by Franc Heart Collective in exchange for this post, however as always, I only support products I love, and all opinions are my own.