23 June 2016

That Friday Post

the weeks seem to be going by faster than I imagined they would, which is perfect because that means we are closer to our vacation and closer to moving into our new house! I pictured the days and weeks dragging on and on and on and feeling like forever! But, as of Friday, we have 35 days until our 2 week long vacation and 1 month and 20 days until we get the new house (the day after we get back from vacation). But, aside from that, here is what's been going on around here!

1. Last weekend, I got to meet my new niece and I snapped a few pictures of her for my sister-in-law. She's just so precious, and I LOVE how much hair she has!!!

2. We started a modified sleep training routine with Charlie this past week, and she is adjusting really well. My biggest goal from this was to not have her feeding throughout the night and so far, so good! We have managed to have only a couple wake-ups in the night, with no more than a little fussing and no feeds. I was worried being in the RV would make this really difficult, but it's been pretty OK!

3. Our gym has reduced its child care hours during the week. We use to get it every evening, but now its only Monday and Tuesdays evenings, so it forces me to go during the day, which isn't a bad thing. It's actually a little nicer because I know the girls will be getting ready for bed at the time I like them to, especially with Charlie sleep training, I want to have a consistent bed time for her.

4. Palmer finished up her soccer season on Wednesday. It went about as well as I expected it to. There were days she played and days she didn't care to. Typical 3 year old! I think her favourite part of the whole season was the last day. I mean, pizza and cotton candy. Whats not to love?? I am hoping to put her in gymnastics again in the Fall.

5. One thing I love about the summer months is all the fresh produce. I am not a big fan of cooking, and I am even less of a fan when it heats up the house (in our case, the RV) in the summer. So, any fresh veggies and fruits that I can turn into an easy meal, I'm happy about! We found a great little place on the edge of town, where all the bags of produce are $2! Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce! I've also heard there are great greenhouses in Redcliff, the town about 5 minutes away. I saw a truck today that said "Redcliff, the Greenhouse Capital of the Prairies" so maybe this weekend, we will head out there to check them out!

What do you have on your weekend to-do list??

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