30 January 2016

The Friday Post (on Saturday, Because #momlife)

Another week has come and gone. It's like time goes by so fast yet the days drag on sometimes. Is that possible? Anyways, here's what we were up to all week.

I had both the girls at the doctor Thursday for their checkups; Palmer for her 3 year and Charlie for 4 months. People have always told me Palmer is tall, but she wasn't even on the charts for height! WHAT? She weighed in at 32 lbs, which is average, but was beyond the 100th percentile for height at 41 inches!

And, Charlie is 4 months old today! I can't believe its been four months already. I plan to have a post up about her early next week!

headband: Urban Cowgirl and Co.

We had passport photos done for the girls this past week too. The girls were rockstars and it only took one photo each!!

Monday nights, the girls and I head over to a girlfriends house to binge on delicious food and watch the Bachelor (who else thinks Olivia is nuts??). This past Monday, they surprised me with some yummy cake and beautiful flowers! I have the most amazing friends!!!

Speaking of great friends, I went to BodyPump Thursday day evening with some girlfriends and it was great! I enjoy group classes once in awhile and BodyPump is killer. Thanks Kaella for inviting me! I will definitely be heading back. And, I actually was not as sore as I expected to be, its just a good burn,  but today is a different story. I often find day 2 is the worst! I plan to go more too, because last week I won a month membership to GoodLife Fitness!

This past week, the weather really warmed up, although it was windy, but we were able to get out for a coupe really great walks with the dog. When you get down into the river bottom, the wind really dies down and makes for a good walk!

And, aside from all that fun stuff, we snuck in many cuddles!!

Soother Clip: Otherware

24 January 2016

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was a big one. We had two birthdays in our house. Palmer turned three, and I hit the big 3-0! We had a small family get-together for Palmer's birthday on Thursday, where she was spoiled with presents all day, and she chose all her favourite meals; rainbow pancakes for breakfast, chicken nuggets for lunch and hot dogs and chips for supper, followed by my very own homemade  rainbow chip (from a box), raspberry filled, orange flavoured icing Minion cake!
Her last photo as a 2 year old!!

Friday, Grandma and Grandpa treated Palmer to a toy at the toy store. After some humming and hawing, she decided on some Paw Patrol toys. Between those and her Minion karaoke machine, she's been busy all weekend.

Friday afternoon was beautiful outside, so I decided I should take myself and the dog out for a run. It was the best I had felt running in a long time. I made it 8.85km, and truly felt like I could have kept going, but I knew Charlie would be hungry sooner than later so I headed home. It took me 45 minutes to do it and it had me seriously considering half marathon training for a race in the Fall. We will see what happens in the coming months and if I still feel that way!

Saturday was my birthday, but we kept things pretty low key. With Mitchell being away for school right now, and Charlie still being so young, keeping things quiet was just fine with me. We did some shopping at Costco, I picked up my free Starbucks birthday drink, and figured out my new Macbook Pro! (First-time Mac owner here, so if you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!!). Then, mom, dad, the girls and I went out for dinner and stopped off for some Fro-Yo after!

Sunday was a lazy day. The birthday celebrations were winding down, the snow was falling, and we stayed in our jammies, watching movies by the fireplace all day long and made some homemade soup! 

We've got a busy week ahead of us with doctor and dentist appointments, bachelor night, and another busy weekend!! 

20 January 2016

Palmer Turns THREE!

Palmer Madeline Lowe. Wow. Today you are three. Where do I even begin? I can't believe three years have gone by already. These past three years have been, without a doubt, the best of our lives. You brighten every day and amaze us with something new constantly. 

You are never shy in the cuddle department. You will give hugs, kisses and snuggles to Mommy, Daddy, and Charlie all day long if you could. And you always ask for extra cuddles at bedtime, which we happily give you. And the way you love your sister makes my heart burst. You are the kindest, most caring big sister and I can see in your eyes how much you love Charlie. The way she smiles back at you makes you so happy. It's everything my mommy heart could ask for!

Your imagination is wild. I could watch you play and imagine all day long. The story's you come up with make us laugh. Your facial expressions and hand gestures are the best. They add so much depth to what you're saying. Some days, I just watch you and think about how amazing you really are.

At times, you are shy, but mostly, you are outgoing. You will try just about anything and usually want to do it by yourself, little Miss Independent. You are so smart and pick things up so quickly. You have been reciting your ABC's for a year and you can count to fourteen. You are able to identify every letter and every number (0-9). I have been working on teaching you to spell and write your name. It's challenging at times, mostly because you are so busy, you don't want to sit long enough for me to explain.

Your vocabulary is outstanding. Sometimes, you say words I didn't even know you knew. My favorite saying of yours lately is "It happens," as you shrug your shoulders, as if what happened isn't a big deal at all (it's usually nothing, like spilling a cup of water)

You love to be outside, whether playing at the park, taking Leaf for a walk, or helping to shovel the snow. You are so active and are always go go go! You have stopped napping (since August) but if we are in the car anytime in the afternoon, chances are you will fall asleep, so I know you still need your naps. I tried to implement "rest time" but you often boycott that too. So, for now, quiet time in the afternoon usually consists of watching one of your favorite shows, these days its Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and Super Why.

You love to be my big helper. Lately, you've been asking to help cook supper, which I happily accept. However, when it comes to eating supper, you aren't always so eager. Meal times can be challenging some days; its not that you are picky, its just that you are three. You are growing and healthy, so I know you are fine. You use to dislike trying new things (maybe a habit you picked up from Daddy), but on an episode of Daniel Tiger, you learned the song "you gotta try new food 'cuz it might taste good," and now you are willing to try anything once.

Happy third birthday, my sweet girl. I am so lucky to be your mom and spend my days with you. You are the sunshine in our days and we can't imagine our lives without you in it. 

We love you!

14 January 2016

That Friday Post

All I can say is TGIF! What a week it's been! Let me just dive right in to my five things.

1. It got quite cold, so getting outside just wasn't working out for us, which means the girls and I were cooped up inside for a couple days. Let me tell you, there were moments when insanity struck our house. Hard. But, we did manage to sneak out once or twice to take some pretty pictures and catch snowflakes on our tongues!

2. Palmer was so excited tonight when I put some pink owl jammies on Charlie. She rushed into her room after her bath, digging through her jammie drawers and pulled out her matching pink owl jammies and yelled "Mommy, me and Charlie are same same!" How sweet??? I love it!

3. Palmer has not been napping since she left the dayhome back in August. So, for the last 5.5 months, I have been fighting with naps. I tried "rest time" and was mostly unsuccessful. I ask her nicely if she wants a nap and I always get a polite "no, thank you" back. But, more often than not, if we are out in the car, or in the stroller, anytime in the later afternoon, she will fall asleep. Then I am torn between waking her and putting her to bed at a normal time, or letting her sleep and fighting with bed time. Ugh....

4. Next week is host to two birthdays in our house, so we hit up the cupcake shop today (makes sense right?) These yummy coconut cupcakes are my favorite!

5. I thought this girl was ready for crib naps, we were successful a handful of times, but what she really wants is to be held. I don't mind one bit, besides the fact that I try to get quality Palmer time in then too. Often I can put Charlie down in her swing for a nap after she has fallen asleep, but today, she just wanted to be held. I went with it, because she is only little once, and there will come a time when she doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore and I will miss it!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

7 January 2016

Friday Five

Life has been hectic and crazy and really busy around here lately. I truly have to give props to Palmer though. She has adjusted so well to her new role as a big sister and mommy's helper. I know things really haven't been easy for her. There is a new baby in the house and she doesn't have all the attention anymore. Daddy is gone for work, and now for school, most weekdays. This girl doesn't cease to amaze me though. So, for this Friday five, I want to share some of the latest Palmer.

1. We were watching American Idol on TV this evening and one of the contestants had a mom who was in the Army overseas. American Idol had flown her mom in to surprise her on the show. Cue tears! Palmer inquisitively asked me why I was crying. I said "because the girl is happy that her mom is home. She missed her." (Palmer maybe not understanding happy tears.) Palmer then said, "Just like we miss daddy when he is gone." Then she took off running. Just seconds later, she came back with a wadded up piece of toilet paper and dried a tear from my cheek. Cue more waterworks! It was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things she's ever done. Then we sat and cuddled until it was bedtime.

2. Palmer is always concerned about what is going on with Charlie. She will turn on her music on the swing. She will make sure she has a soother. She even tells me that Charlie doesn't like it when I wipe her nose. First two questions she asks me when she comes into my room in the morning are "where is daddy" and "where is Charlie." She's the best big sister.

3. This girl loves a good Biebs dance party. She has become a Belieber. We've been having dance parties every. single. day. and they couldn't make this little girl happier. Watching her smile and twirl around, dancing to the music fills my heart with so much happiness, I can't even tell you. 

4. We had an old iPod that has just been sitting around, collecting dust so we cleared if all off and uploaded some of Palmer's favorite music and games to it. She think's it is the best thing ever. She walks around with it in her purse and calls it her phone. The graphics are crappy, the sound is awful, but she doesn't care one bit. 

5. Then there is this happening a lot more in our house. We are lucky if we are dressed by noon most days, but when Palmer decides to dress herself, magical things like this happen!

Happy Weekending, everyone!

5 January 2016

5 Things I've Learned in 5 Years of Marriage

Five years ago today, we were on a beautiful beach in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, preparing for what was one of the most amazing days of my life. 

Five years has brought many changes in our lives. Two kids, new careers, building a house. It has not come without challenges, but I can easily say it's been the best five years of my life and I have learned a few things along the way...

1. You have to laugh. Life is crazy. Life is hectic. Life is hard. If you can't find humour in life, expect it to be that much harder.  Laugh at each other. Laugh with each other. Laugh together. Sometimes all we can do it laugh at the craziness that is our lives. They do say, laughter is the best medicine!

2. Make time for each other. Go on dates. Take time away from things and make time together. Now, I will be the first to admit that I find it hard to leave my kids behind, especially with Charlie being so young, and having a hard time getting her to take a bottle, so right now our "we" time is cuddling on the couch in the evening watching a movie, but I know with time and as the kids get a little older, going out on dates and taking time to ourselves will help keep our marriage strong. 

3. Alone time is just as important as together time. Taking time out for myself is what helps me to recharge and be the best me I can be. Whether its taking time to go to the gym, walking the dog, or reading a book, it's important to make some time for myself. 

4. The principles of marriage are really quite simple. Love. Respect. Kindness. Loyalty. Show love and respect to each other. Say thank you. Compliment each other. It sounds simple enough, but sometimes its the most obvious things that we fail to give recognition to.  

5. A good relationship does not come without effort, and my marriage is something I want to put effort in to. You have to work at marriage. Its not always easy and it may not be perfect but its the perfect one for us.   

Together, we are a team. We are Mr. and Mrs. We are mom and dad to two beautiful little girls. Having Mitch be my partner through life is exactly what I need. Watching him be Daddy to our girls makes me fall even more in love with him every day. 

Over ten years together. Married for five. I can't wait to see what else this crazy beautiful life has in store for us!

2 January 2016

Charlie Dawn: 3 Months

Three months have come and gone so quickly, I feel like I will be back at work before I even realize it, even though its close to 9 months away from now. Although its a few days late, here is Charlie's 3 month update.

Length - approx 24 inches
Weight - I'm guessing around 12 or so pounds. We don't have another weight until her 4 month point.

SLEEP: Charlie is a perfect sleeper. Since around the 6 week mark, she has been waking only once in the night, if that. Lately she has been sleeping a solid 8-10 hours without waking. She goes down to bed around 10 and wakes between 6 and 8. If she's up at 6, she feeds and goes back to sleep for awhile. Happy mama, for sure!!

We are getting about 3 naps in throughout the day with Charlie, which is perfect. We have started the transition to napping in the crib. It use to be that the minute you laid her down in there during the day she was wide awake again. I am hoping to really solidify a routine and schedule now that the craziness of the holidays is past. 

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT: The smiles coming from this girl are almost non stop. Her social smiles are the sweetest thing! It's like she is learning her name too because nearly every time someone says  "hello, Charlie" she gets the biggest smile! Charlie is starting to do some cooing sounds and it is so sweet to hear her little "voice". She is able to track objects and people with her eyes, and will really focus on faces. I'm sure she is starting to recognize me, Mitch and Palmer.  

SISTER: Palmer is seriously the best big sister we could have ever asked for. She is full of love and hugs and kisses. Every day just gets better and better with these two. Palmer is always trying to help us with Charlie and the way her face lights up when Charlie smiles at her; it could bring tears to my eyes.The past couple of days has been hard on Palmer because we told her she isn't able to kiss Charlie because Palmer has had a cough and runny nose. Her sweet little voice says "I wanna kiss Charwee. I wove her." Hopefully her snotty nose clears up soon so she can go back to giving Charlie all the cuddles.

MY THOUGHTS: The transition has continued to go so smoothly. I really couldn't have asked for two better kids. Charlie fit so seamlessly into our family. Our family of 4 is perfectly complete. I was so worried that the second child would be so much harder. Palmer was fairly easy (for lack of a better word here) when it came to sleeping and not being fussy. Charlie has followed suit almost to a tee. It has been wonderful so far. I'm hoping all goes as smoothly as it did the first time!

Happy (belated) THREE months, sweet Charlie girl.