28 May 2014

This Girl and Her Dog

The expression in Palmer's face in these photos says it all. These two love each other.

I love watching Palmer watch Leaf. Often times outside, she will go sit in the grass beside him and just watch him. Sometimes she will pull up her chair to be close to him.

Its little things like this that make everyday so special. 

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24 May 2014

When The Little's Not With You...A Lot More Gets Accomplished!

The other day, I spent the majority of the day alone, purposefully. Just me (well besides they eye doctor and dentist appointments I had). I had the day off work, had these couple appointments, and spent the day running errands and getting things done. I have to say, it was kind of nice.

Now, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love spending my days with my little family, but as we all know, mama's need time too (not that errands is quality me time). So, because I had a few things to do, I took Palmer to her day home and I headed downtown.

Let me tell you, its amazing how much more you can get done without having a toddler in tow. No in and out of the car seat. No fussing in the stores. No changing diapers in the car. I was able to run in, get what I needed and be back on my way in a matter of minutes, a very rare occurrence these days.

Besides my appointments, I was able to get banking done. Stopped at the Library. Stopped by some stores. Returned the recycling. Pick up a few groceries for supper and made hamburgers and Greek salad. Got the vehicle washed. And a few other errands. It was refreshing! It was So. Much. Easier!

Now, like I said, this in no way means that I would rather spend time alone to make things easier, because I don't. I love spending time with Palmer. She fills my day and heart with so much joy and love. Yes, there are crazy days, tough days, but mostly fun happy days. I wouldn't trade my time with her for anything in the world, but some days, you just need a couple hours to get something done and it makes it much easier without a 16 month old!

I felt really accomplished that day. I had a big long list of things I wanted to get done, and I have to say, most of them did actually get done! Now, if only I was this efficient in cleaning the house, we'd be set!

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22 May 2014

16 Months Old...Where Did The Time Go?

Our sweet little, independent Palmer is 16 months old already. We are getting closer to the time we stop counting in months and start counting in years!

With each passing day, I see her little personality shine through more and more. Independence. Intelligence. Eagerness. Fearlessness.

Palmer, at 16 months, you are a little firecracker!

We now have all 4 one year molars. Thank goodness those are finished with!! Our nights are relatively back to normal. We are starting to get back to our usually sleep routine of waking up later than 6:30am, although its hard because on the days she goes to the dayhome, we have to wake her up at this time to go.

Not only is she walking, she is running like a tornado! Seriously, we have to keep every door closed, locked, and all safety precautions in full swing because she gets herself into everything!

As you can tell by the photos, it takes a lot for Palmer to sit still and look at the camera. She is such a busy little girl. Just go go go! It’s great though! She is so interested in everything around her. Exploring what’s outside, playing with Leaf, just sitting and watching him. She just never stops!

Palmer’s little personality is shining through and she is able to communicate much of what she wants through signing. Her vocal vocabulary isn’t really much (the usually dadada, baba, and uh oh), but she is able to use other means to communicate to us.  Although she is jabbering a lot more in non sense sentences (to us), she is able to sign eat, more, all done, please, and thank you. She will point to what she wants. And throw a tantrum over something she doesn’t.
She was saying "uh oh" because she was trying to drink the water and it spilled all over her
 She has also turned into a little copy cat! I went outside the other day and told Leaf he was bad for pooping ont he grass. Now, she will tell Leaf when he is being bad, like in this photo, where he was drinking her water!
Palmer understands so many things now. She is able to point to a lot of her body parts, my favorite is her bellybutton! When we tell her she is stinky, the pinches her nose with her fingers and says (what I hear to be) “eww”. When we say “its bath time” or “let's go change your bum” she heads right for the stairs to go up.  Every day, this little girl amazes me more and more.
Our big girl now walks up and down the stairs holding on to the railing...give me a heart attack!

I can’t believe how big she is getting! She has definitely transitioned from the baby stage to the toddler stage!! Makes me slightly sad, but so excited for what is yet to come! 

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21 May 2014

The Little Things

It's the little things, like Palmer playing on the slide, that makes my heart fill with so much joy.

The other day, Palmer and I met some friends at the park. We had never been to this park before but I have to say, I think we will be heading there much more often. It was built for a toddler. It was such a great park for Palmer. She was able to climb the stairs to the slide and slide down all by herself. I didn't even have to worry about her falling off or anything. Palmer had such a blast. I could tell by the glistening in her eyes that she was so proud of herself. She was so proud that she climbed the stairs alone. She was so proud she went down the slide alone. And the pure joy on her face on the ride down; priceless.

Its the little things like this that make my heart happy!

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20 May 2014

Our Long Weekend!

Our long weekend consisted of family, outside and fun. Although I spent the whole weekend working nights,  we were still able to spend some quality time together.

My mom, dad and brother made the trip to Lethbridge for the weekend which was especially nice on the weekend I work nights. For Mitchell, having to get up early every day for work during the week, it was nice for him to get the chance to sleep in on the weekend, and the extra day off was an added bonus.

My family arrived to our house in the early afternoon on Friday and were able to stay until noon on Monday. Palmer loves getting time to spend with her grandparents and her uncle.

Friday was a pretty relaxed day - we spent some time cleaning out the garage/setting up the patio furniture and some yard work, and finished the day with pizza on the deck! I love being able to spend time outside, enjoying the fresh air and just visiting. There is something about being outside and relaxing that I love.

This face is the result of pizza and chocolate lava cake! YUM
Saturday was another pretty relaxed day (from my point of view anyways as I slept the day away after night shift). Mitch was able to get over to the rental house to get some yard work done over there and get it ready for summer and Palmer went with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Troy to the park. Mitch and I were able to get in 9 holes of golf in the evening before it started to rain. I have to say, my first round of the season was not the best. Guess I need to get out to the range a few times!

Sunday, we made a trip to Home Depot. We were looking for the right kind of paint so that we could paint the dresser that I am hoping to use for our Master Bedroom Makeover. Unfortunately, they didn't have what we needed, and being the long weekend, the specialty paint stores weren't open.  We finished the day off with a meal out at Earl's, some DQ ice cream and watching Palmer play at the park.

She loves the park, poor little girl never wants to leave!
Reading bedtime stories with Uncle Troy
Monday was a little over cast and rained on and off throughout the day.  We made a trip downtown to the Hear Forever day at Galt Gardens. In all the years I have lived in Lethbridge, I have actually never been in Galt Gardens. They had a concert in the park, some local craft and food vendors and a bouncy house set up. We tried the local food truck, the Flyin' Hawaiian, which we have heard so much about, and it wasn't bad! Their special of the day was a beef sausage with pineapple relish. I was secretly hoping for their famous pulled pork sandwich I've heard everyone rave about.

All played and danced out!
Mitch and I watched American Hustle after Palmer went to bed, and typical me, stayed up too late because I suck at turning around after a night shift! 

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16 May 2014

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with DarciAprilNatasha, and Christina again for another edition of Five on Friday...

| one |
I got an amazing deal on some jeans the other day at Old Navy. I couldn't pass them up.
Seriously, I paid 97 cents for these jeans!

| two |
I got some new glasses this week. I'm hoping they call me today to come pick them up! After pregnancy, my eyes changed and I couldn't wear my contacts anymore as they bothered my eyes so bad. So I finally got my eyes checked, got some new glasses and began my trial of new dailies contacts! Love them!

| three |
This weekend, my parents are coming for a visit. Its always nice to have them here, not only for a visit with Palmer, but so Mitch and I can have a sleep-in day or two (although I am working nights this weekend). Sometimes its hard to work all week, having to be at work for 7 am like both Mitch and I do, then having to get up early on the weekend with Palmer too. We are fortunate that Palmer is a good sleeper (mostly) and that we have the option of having grandparents help us out!

| four |
I have to rave about the day home we have for Palmer. J is such a good care giver to Palmer. If Mitchell or I, or our family can't watch her, J is seriously the best person for the job. She is so kind and SO GOOD with the kids and Palmer! I love the Mother's Day gift Palmer made at J's house! xxoo

| five |
And Happy Nurses Week to all my fellow nurses!

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9 May 2014

Five on Friday

Its Friday again, which means nothing to me this week as I'm working the weekend, but I'm linking up with DarciAprilNatasha, and Christina again...

| one |
Being sick! UGH! I hate it. Tuesday at work I was starting to have an upset stomach, took the day off Wednesday, and even Thursday wasn't feeling back to normal. I don't know what it is about this year, but I've been sick more this year than I ever remember.

| two |
We have had nothing but crappy weather and snow since last weekend. For it nearing the middle of May, I'm really not happy about this! Spring can show up any time now.

| three |
Afternoon naps. I love them. I had a quick 5 minute power nap yesterday afternoon and it was simply wonderful. I turned on some Bubble Guppies and sat Palmer up on the couch beside me. Even the 5 little minutes I got left me feeling re-energized!

| four |
Palmer car dancing. Lately, while driving in the car, Palmer has started to head-bop to the music. It is the cutest little thing. I can see her in the rear view mirror, dancing away, watching herself in the headrest mirror in front of her.

| five |
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mama's I know, including my own!

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7 May 2014

The Beloved Mr. Elephant

I came to realize (after reading a friends post here) that I have never really
talked about Palmer's Beloved Mr. Elephant.

 Growing up, I had a favorite stuffed animal, Kitty (yes, Kitty was a cat), whom I still have to this day. Kitty is a little more ratted and worn than the day I got her(?) to say the least. Same goes for #thebelovedmrelephant He's only 8 months old, and his best looking days are far behind him.

Palmer takes Mr. Elephant everywhere with her. He goes to bed with her and when she wakes up in the morning, he is the first thing she reaches for before wanting out of her crib.

They then make their way downstairs for breakfast (on the days we are home). Otherwise he's off to J's house with Palmer for the day.

They watch tv together.

Play outside together.

Nap together.

Play together.

I love this little girl and her Mr Elephant.

I have honestly thought several times that I need to track down a handful more Mr Elephants so when the original is done, she has another one to replace him.

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5 May 2014

Mother's Day Wish List

For Mother's Day this year, what I would really like is to not have to work a day shift and get to spend the whole day with my family doing something fun and making memories, but unfortunately, I do have to work and won't get home until almost 4, which gives me approximately 4 hours with Mitch and Palmer before she has to go to bed.

I obviously don't need any of these things to make Mother's Day special, but if I were to get something, these would be some of the things I have my eye on:

| EOS lip balm | contigo coffee mugs | iPhone workout armband | necklace | Cleaning lady/clean house |

A mama can never have enough lip balm! And these are my favorite.

I love these Contigo Coffee mugs (usually found at Costco) because they keep my coffee at work warm well into first break!

I'm in need of a armband for my running, because right now, I have no where to house my phone for my music when I run.

I've been eyeing necklaces like this for awhile now, I am just unsure if I want to get one now, or wait until we know if we are going to have another child so they can be matching names on the necklace.

and seriously, who doesn't want a clean house?

Like I said, spending time with my family is all I really need, and maybe a meal made for me :) And maybe, if it's nice out, a family date outside!! Then to come home to a clean, disaster-free house!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas I know!
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4 May 2014

Outdoor Fun

Now that spring is finally in full swing, for at least a couple days anyways, we have been able to enjoy a lot more time outdoors, and I love it!

On Tuesday, we were able to get out for a family bike ride. We hooked up the bike trailer to my bike, leashed up Leaf, and headed out for a ride. Palmer was so good for the first half, but I think we were cutting it close to bedtime and for the second half, she wasn't the happiest. Leaf on the other hand, loved it. He can't get enough of going for walks!

Wednesday, I got out of my course early, but hit the time when our dayhome is out picking up her kids from school, so I decided to run over to her place from ours. I leashed up the dog and ran over there with an empty stroller. I'm sure people thought I was nuts, running around with no baby in the stroller.  After we got home, Palmer played outside with leaf (well, mostly in his water dish). At one point, she was even down on all fours, drinking from his bowl!

Today, it was a gorgeous 24 degrees, so Palmer and I met some friends at the park for a play date after work. Palmer loves the park. She was following around her little buddies, climbing on the playground, enjoying her cookie (thanks Ashley!) I love seeing Palmer interact with littles her age. Little S was so shy and timid. So adorable! And she is always dressed so adorably!  And little Z is so outgoing and her little outfit today was the cutest! And she talks so much! I love it!

Here's to more summer days and play dates with friends!!  :)

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