4 May 2014

Outdoor Fun

Now that spring is finally in full swing, for at least a couple days anyways, we have been able to enjoy a lot more time outdoors, and I love it!

On Tuesday, we were able to get out for a family bike ride. We hooked up the bike trailer to my bike, leashed up Leaf, and headed out for a ride. Palmer was so good for the first half, but I think we were cutting it close to bedtime and for the second half, she wasn't the happiest. Leaf on the other hand, loved it. He can't get enough of going for walks!

Wednesday, I got out of my course early, but hit the time when our dayhome is out picking up her kids from school, so I decided to run over to her place from ours. I leashed up the dog and ran over there with an empty stroller. I'm sure people thought I was nuts, running around with no baby in the stroller.  After we got home, Palmer played outside with leaf (well, mostly in his water dish). At one point, she was even down on all fours, drinking from his bowl!

Today, it was a gorgeous 24 degrees, so Palmer and I met some friends at the park for a play date after work. Palmer loves the park. She was following around her little buddies, climbing on the playground, enjoying her cookie (thanks Ashley!) I love seeing Palmer interact with littles her age. Little S was so shy and timid. So adorable! And she is always dressed so adorably!  And little Z is so outgoing and her little outfit today was the cutest! And she talks so much! I love it!

Here's to more summer days and play dates with friends!!  :)

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