22 May 2014

16 Months Old...Where Did The Time Go?

Our sweet little, independent Palmer is 16 months old already. We are getting closer to the time we stop counting in months and start counting in years!

With each passing day, I see her little personality shine through more and more. Independence. Intelligence. Eagerness. Fearlessness.

Palmer, at 16 months, you are a little firecracker!

We now have all 4 one year molars. Thank goodness those are finished with!! Our nights are relatively back to normal. We are starting to get back to our usually sleep routine of waking up later than 6:30am, although its hard because on the days she goes to the dayhome, we have to wake her up at this time to go.

Not only is she walking, she is running like a tornado! Seriously, we have to keep every door closed, locked, and all safety precautions in full swing because she gets herself into everything!

As you can tell by the photos, it takes a lot for Palmer to sit still and look at the camera. She is such a busy little girl. Just go go go! It’s great though! She is so interested in everything around her. Exploring what’s outside, playing with Leaf, just sitting and watching him. She just never stops!

Palmer’s little personality is shining through and she is able to communicate much of what she wants through signing. Her vocal vocabulary isn’t really much (the usually dadada, baba, and uh oh), but she is able to use other means to communicate to us.  Although she is jabbering a lot more in non sense sentences (to us), she is able to sign eat, more, all done, please, and thank you. She will point to what she wants. And throw a tantrum over something she doesn’t.
She was saying "uh oh" because she was trying to drink the water and it spilled all over her
 She has also turned into a little copy cat! I went outside the other day and told Leaf he was bad for pooping ont he grass. Now, she will tell Leaf when he is being bad, like in this photo, where he was drinking her water!
Palmer understands so many things now. She is able to point to a lot of her body parts, my favorite is her bellybutton! When we tell her she is stinky, the pinches her nose with her fingers and says (what I hear to be) “eww”. When we say “its bath time” or “let's go change your bum” she heads right for the stairs to go up.  Every day, this little girl amazes me more and more.
Our big girl now walks up and down the stairs holding on to the railing...give me a heart attack!

I can’t believe how big she is getting! She has definitely transitioned from the baby stage to the toddler stage!! Makes me slightly sad, but so excited for what is yet to come! 

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