2 May 2014

My Friday Things.

Its time for another episode of 5 on Friday, so I'm linking up with DarciAprilNatasha, and Christina again...

| one |
Beautiful Weather! We have had a few wonderful days of gorgeous spring weather. I can't wait for it to be like this everyday. The forecast says rain all weekend (of course, on my weekend off!!!)

| two |
We have this 50/50 draw at work that occurs with every pay day. The proceeds go to the Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation. This week, I was the lucky lottery winner!!! I can't even believe it! Its great to have a few extra $$ in my pocket, that's for sure! Now I just need to think of a nice treat to buy with our winnings!

| three |
Working full time with a toddler is often times challenging, especially when it comes to having a clean house. When Palmer is awake, there is no sense in even trying to clean up behind her because 2 seconds later, it is destroyed again. I have learned my lesson in this respect. I often think that once she goes to bed is the prime time to clean up, but seriously, after working an 8 hour work shift, then coming home to a 15 month old and a dog who has been lonely all day, making supper, packing lunch for work the next day, and maybe sneaking in a shower, who has time to clean. This is precious sleeping time!!!

| four |
Palmer and teeth!
Palmer has been working on her bottom right molar for awhile now, which is causing her to throw some wicked temper tantrums. Yesterday, I told her not to drink from the dog's water dish and set it up on the patio table. Well, let me tell you, it was like I had crashed her entire world down around her. MELTDOWN! (I'm hoping this is just teething and not the "terrible twos" starting early!)

| five |
After today, I get three glorious days off (other than the fact its suppose to rain!!)

Happy Weekend everyone!

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