27 April 2014

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

Mitchell finished up his school on Thursday so he celebrated with his school friends Thursday by golfing, coming to the house to play poker and heading out for a few drinks.

This was kind of like a long weekend for us in that we both didn't work Friday so we got to spend the day together as a family. It was a pretty relaxed Friday. It was decently nice out so we were able to go for a family walk to the Tim Horton's down the street for some coffees and timbits.  We finished Friday with a movie, Anchorman 2 (which was not nearly as good as we anticipated it to be. In fact, we both fell asleep and didn't watch it all!)

Friday evening I had a call from work saying there were 3 shifts that needed to be filled, night, days and another night the next day. Since I hadn't worked all week and it was OT for me, I opted to go in for Saturday day shift. It turned out to be not bad. We had initially wanted to get out for a bike ride and maybe golfing that day, but good old Southern Alberta pulled though again with snow! April 26th! There was even a snowfall warning of 10-20 cm! Luckily though, we didn't get near that much! After work, I headed to the in-laws house for dinner and we finished our night off again with a movie at home. This time it was much better than Friday night. We watched Wolf of Wall Street. Good movie, but quite long!

Today, Palmer graced us with a sleep in day. I think we all rolled out of bed around 9:15 or so! It was wonderful! We headed downtown for brunch at Ricki's (our favourite breakfast spot!) and it was delicious, as usual. We followed this with a trip to one of our favourite stores, Costco!

Palmer and I both had a nap after shopping, we played outside for a bit, then Mitchell cooked up some delicious meatloaf and baked potatoes. Yum! Palmer cleaned up her plate for supper, which doesn't happen too often! We finished up our evening with a quick family run, all 4 of us.

Now, to get back to reality tomorrow. Mitch starts his new job, I'm back to work, and Palmer is back to the day home.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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25 April 2014

Five on Friday

Wow, its sure been a long time since I have linked up with the 5 on Friday crew of Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina
So without further adieu, here are my most recent 5 things.

Essie Nail polish! I was never really one to paint my nails, but lately, I have been, and I have to say, this stuff is awesome. The colours are great and it dries in no time, and with a toddler running around, no time means perfect!

Spring weather! It is so great to get to be outside again, enjoying the warm weather (although in Southern Alberta right now, it is being accompanied by wind). Its refreshing to be able to get outside, play in the yard and let Palmer wear off her energy outdoors playing with Leaf.

Along with the warm weather comes running outside. I will be the first to admit that I don't love running. I don't get joy out of running for an hour. I don't get a high from running for miles. I do it to exercise. On average, I run 5km, trying to beat my last time or latest split. I don't often get out to do it in the winter as our winter Chinooks can make for some pretty slippery, unfavorable road conditions. But, the spring and summer, I really have no excuse, so I lace up my shoes and head out for a run with Leaf. I know he enjoys it far more than I. I have to start training a little more soon,as I have a race coming up in June.

Since receiving my camera for a gift at Christmas, I have taken thousands of photos. I know the basics of what I need to adjust to get the look I like, however, I also know there is So. Much. More. to know! I'm wanting to start reading more about how to adjust my camera to the settings I like, and read more about different photography tips and tricks to get the best pictures I can! I have the perfect little model (if I could only get her to sit still for a couple shots!)

Just two words. Bubble Guppies.

Now, I am not one who thinks that plunking my child down in front of the TV screen and letting her watch hours of TV is a good idea, however, if there is something I need to get done with minimal interruption (such as making dinner), I turn the PVR on to Bubble Guppies. The minute Palmer hears those first few magical music notes, she stops whatever she is doing, glues her eyes to the TV and starts saying "Bubba Bubba Bubba" (bubble, bubble, bubble). Not only does it keep her distracted for 25 min, but it really is super cute watching her sing the theme song and dance along to the music.

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24 April 2014

Springs Looks for the Little

There are so many cute spring outfits in the stores right now, it is seriously taking everything in me to not buy Palmer more clothes! Not just clothes either. Now that she is running all over the place, she needs shoes, and trust me, there are a lot of adorable and practical shoes out there too. I mean, look at those little silver sandals. How cute are those???

| here | here | here|

I am LOVING the Joe Fresh styles this year (and always)! They have such cute clothes at affordable prices. Palmer has a few items from there already and I absolutely love them on her!

Old Navy is always a great shop too, and they often have great deals on (40% off), can't beat that (for Mama and Little)

I love that now that Palmer is getting older, there are a lot more colors to choose from other than just pink. When she was just a baby, dressing her in pink was a given a)because she looks so darn cute in pink and b) so people could tell she was a girl (and even then people still called her a boy). Now there are so many cute clothes that aren't just pink! I love it!

Now, if only I could find some of these outfits in my size....

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22 April 2014

Mexican Vacation!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Mexico to celebrate Mitchell's sisters wedding. I was slightly nervous for the long 5.5 hour plane ride and a 15 month old toddler and trying to keep her entertained and happy during the flight. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. We were able to download a few episodes of Bubble Guppies tot he iPad, keep her busy with the TV on the headrest, and of course, her cuteness caught the attention of various other passengers on the plane, who also attempted to keep Palmer busy!

The resort was nice (I wish I had taken more photos of it), the food was good, and the wedding was beautiful! Palmer was a little flower girl and she did so good walking down the aisle, holding my hand. I thought for sure I was going to have to carry her, but she walked the whole way!

Sitting still for the ceremony though was a different story. We are lucky it was on the beach and she had the sand to keep her busy!

Palmer loved swimming every day and she especially loved the ocean! She loved the sand (eating it included) and giggled every time the waves tickled her feet on the shore. We were however, cleaning sand from every nook and cranny for days!

Here are a few photos of our vacation!

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21 April 2014

15 Month Update: Palmer's Life

I'm trying to figure out exactly where the past 15 months have gone. When did my baby turn into such an independent little girl?

Everyday, I see Palmer's little brain just soaking up the world around her. Every day she gets smarter and smarter. Everyday, she amazes me more. Although she doesn't talk much yet, she understand a lot of things we say and is able to communicate with her actions, signs, and what little noises she does make. A full on little person!

Since Palmer turned one (and my last post dedicated to her growing), we've seen more huge changes in her. She's went from a wobbly walker to a full on running twister who can turn the entire house upside down in 3.7 seconds flat! We have to make sure we have the baby gates up or she is up the stairs is seconds, all the way to the top, giggling at her accomplishment! I think pretty soon we are going to have to keep a key hidden outside because this little girl can reach the locks on the doors and is quickly learning how to turn them! Today, my mom told me Palmer even escaped out the front door when she went to put something in her truck. She turned around and there was little Palmer standing on the front step!
Note to us: Keep deadbolt locked at all times!

Palmer sleeping patterns have returned to (mostly) normal with the exception of the odd night. I thought after coming back from Mexico, her sleep would be off as we didn't have much of a routine down there, but she settled back in to normal life very quickly.  Naps are usually a couple hours in the afternoon, followed by bed around 8pm. Bed time is great now too in that she often times isn't sleeping when we put her down, but lays down nicely, cuddles up Mr. Elephant, and falls asleep on her own within a few minutes, although there are times when I just hold her and rock her because its the only time she will sit still long enough for me to get good cuddles in.

Now that Spring is finally here (hopefully to stay), we have been getting outside more. Palmer loves being outside. She loves the park and she especially loves playing in the backyard with Leaf (I think Leaf is a little indifferent to this sometimes. I don't think he likes it when she plays with his toys)

Palmer, our sweet little 15 month old girl. You amaze us every day. Your beautiful personality shines through more and more every day, and we are so excited to see watch the little person you are becoming unfold a little more each day.

We love you sweet girl! xxoo

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