30 April 2016

Charlie Dawn: 7 Months

Length - 27? inches
Weight - 18lbs ?

SLEEP: Sleep is still all over the map. We are down to only waking once or twice in the night. It's been hard to judge the past week or so because she has been working on cutting her first tooth, and with that, she's super congested, so I'm sure sleep has been uncomfortable for her, but last night, she slept from 8pm-5am, so I'm hoping we are on the up with sleep.

- Charlie is rolling all over the place, seriously, you look over and she is gone!

- Sitting up. She can't yet push herself to sit up but she can sit unassisted if you put her in that position.

- Charlie is nearly crawling. She gets herself up onto all fours and rocks back and forth. I'm sure it won't be long now before she's taking off.

- She is so observant. She loves watching everything going on around her.

- She is just now starting to get into babbling. Not a lot, but she is starting to make more sounds and they are so cute.

Little Lamby
Going for walks

BIG SISTER: Palmer has nothing but love for Charlie. She loves her hard. A hard, smothering love. But, Charlie love its. She's always giggling at Palmer, and giving her the biggest smiles. Palmer is so good with her too. She is such a protective, helpful big sister. "Don't worry, Mom. I'll make Charlie stop crying." And, most of the times, its true. Palmer is always keeping tabs up on Charlie too. When we are driving, "Mom, Charlie is just looking out her window." or "Mommy, Charlie is sleeping." LOVE!

MY THOUGHTS: Just like every month that passes, I can't believe another has gone by. This is by far my most favourite stage to watch them together. They can actually sit and play together, and interact with each other.

29 April 2016

Finally, a Friday Post

I've been really bad at keeping this up lately. Again, I blame our lack of Internet!! It's been pretty gloomy here the past week, but it's suppose to warm up significantly this week! I can't wait for flip flops and tanks again. Actually, who am I kidding, that's my usual wardrobe as soon as there is no snow. Anyways, here are my Friday 5. 

One: Charlie girl turns 7 months tomorrow! Where did the last 7 months go?? This little lady has been working on cutting her first tooth, but she's doing it so well. A little Advil before bed and it all seems to be good.

Two: Palmer started her dance class this week. Its more of a 'move to the music' rather than teaching them dance, but it's good for her to be in a more organized group, plus she loves it. And, the little girls look so cute doing it!! She also starts soccer next week. She and I are both looking forward to that! 

Three: we have been enjoying some really beautiful walks around here! There are a lot of off leash trails for the dog, and done really great paths walking right along the river. 

Four: I am loving these pretty teething necklaces from The Vintage Honey Shop. I'm a brand rep for this quarter, so use my code ALYCIALOWE for 10% off your order! There are so many colours and patterns to choose from, and I love that they look like jewelry and not just a teething necklace! Go check them out!! 

Five: are you on snapchat??? It has quickly become one of my favorite forms of social media!! I love that you can be funny and real and not have to be "perfect" like Instagram!! Add me! @crazilynormal 

18 April 2016

We've Been Away....Without Wifi

I have kind of fallen off the grid this past week. We have been staying with Mitch while he is away for work and the Internet connection around here is brutal, so instead of using up all our data, we have been disconnected lost of the time. It's been kind of nice, and it also really makes you realize how much time is spent online! Wow! 

Anyway as, here is just a bit of catch up, of mostly photos. 

Trips to Costco....everyone's favorite store! Because, SAMPLES! 
Sweet sleepy, cuddly babes! 

Lots of bubbles! 

Park days! The weather has been warm the past couple of days! Makes for perfect park dates! 

Rock painting with daddy. 

Checking out the library....because Palmer loves the computers, there are tons of toys, and free wifi! Haha
See these rosy, swollen cheeks?? Poor girly. I think she's teething! 

We've got another couple days here before we head home for a few days. It's been extra nice to have life back to almost normal, seeing Mitch everyday. The girls and I sure miss him when he's away, but we try to make up for it by packing our days together full of fun!!! 

8 April 2016

That Friday Post

It's been awhile since I have posted, so I'm using my way back in with a simple Friday five post!

I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Sunday evening I came down with a chest cold, loaded with fever, chills, headache, etc. It was awful. And finally yesterday, I was nearly back to myself! Grandma came to visit and help out with the girls for a couple days while I caught up on some rest!!

I am starting Operation: Charlie Sleep Through The Night!!! because I am finding her sleeping patterns are just getting worse. We started off so beautifully, sleeping through the night at a very early age, and by around 6 weeks, she was doing 12 hour stretches. This all stopped at around 4.5 months, and it has continued to be a rollercoaster since then. Any favourite methods or techniques you all have? I'm all ears!

We got the sweetest kimono from Urban Cowgirl & Co this week, and I can't get over how adorable it is on Palmer! It's so soft, and flowy, and the colours are perfect for summer! AND, I got a matching mama one! Palmer and I will be twinning this summer! #winning

This week, Charlie started sitting up on her own, completely unsupported without tipping over! Girlfriend is growing so fast, and I can't believe we've hit 6 months already!

I have nothing else to say really, so Happy Weekend.