20 September 2015


This weekend, although seemed short, was a good one. We managed to pack in a number of activities into our 2 short days together as a family that were fun. 

Friday I worked until 3:30. After supper, Mitch headed to the gym and Palmer and I were off to the library to find some new books and movies. Palmer loves going to the library to find new books and play on their computers. 

When we were leaving the library, she had to stop and run through a big pile of leaves! Fall is definitely here!

Friday also marked 35 weeks of this pregnancy. There won't be long now before this little one is here. But, of course I had to try to sneak in a bump pic

Saturday morning, we woke up, had a semi-slow morning cooking breakfast. After our delicious bacon and eggs meal, we got the slow cookers going. We had 2 pots full of homemade beef barley soup! So yummy! 

While the soup was cooking, we headed to the YMCA for Parent and Tot while Mitch worked out. Palmer loves going to the gym to play around. We were going every Saturday until they stopped the program for the summer. This was the first weekend back at it and she loved every second of it. They have a giant bouncy castle they set up, along with gymnastic stuff, balls, blocks, bowling, hockey. You name it, they've got it. Palmer wanted me to go in the bouncy castle with her, but if I got in there, there would be no way I was getting out!

We headed to a local Farm/Cafe after that for their annual Pig and Pumpkin Festival where Palmer played all kinds of games, rode on a giant slide, pet some piglets, and we picked strawberries and raspberries. 


When we got home, we got the slow cooker going again with some chili. We want to be stocked up for when this baby makes their appearance.

This morning we had some friends and their girls over for breakfast. It was nice to have them over and not have to try to entertain the 3 kids in a restaurant. We were able to just relax and talk while the girls played with toys and outside with the dog. Much better than hauling everyone out to eat!

This afternoon, we did a few things around the house and baked some banana chocolate chip muffins. Palmer loves to be my little helper, and even though there is often a giant mess to clean up after, the joy she gets from helping is all worth it!

It was crazy windy all day today, but around 7:45 is died off, just enough to head out for a quick walk with the dog. Mitch had to head out of town for work again tonight, but Grandma and Grandpa will be here tomorrow. Then I have my last 4 days of work before my Maternity leave starts!  I'm sure this week is going to fly by just as quickly as the last 35 have!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

16 September 2015

What's In My Hospital Bag

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 

1. I picked up two of these shirts by Joe Fresh last week. I love them because they are a nice flowy but not clingy material, super soft, and will be perfect for post baby. They fit nicely now, so will still be great for those days following delivery.

2. I picked up some pajama pants from Joe Fresh too (not exactly like these ones). PJ pants are a must for me around the hospital. With visitors coming and going, and wandering the hallways, I totally feel way more comfortable in pants.

3. These slippers from Old Navy are going to be essential during our hospital stay. They are super soft inside, quick to put on, and obviously cute and cozy. Exactly what a new mama needs!

4. These bras are also from Joe Fresh. I HATED nursing bras last time, and I'm sure I will hate them again this time. These ones are super comfy, light material, and great for under any type of shirt. Maybe a little unconventional, but they will work for what I need.

5. A robe. Again, what new mama doesn't need one of these for the hospital and the days and weeks following? I found mine super helpful for the middle of the night feedings when I would fall asleep in the rocking chair. Kept me warm without having to mess around with a blanket.

6/7 The baby's coming home outfit. Now, I don't actually have either one of these sleepers. Had we known whether Baby Lowe #2 is going to be a girl or a boy, I guarantee my husband would have had these on order already. I do have some cute sleepers picked out and ready to go though, for when baby is ready to come home.

8. Swaddle blankets. I am loving these Aden and Anais muslin swaddles. They look so soft and perfect to wrap a new baby in. Again, I don't actually have these exact ones, but I do have swaddles ready to go in our bag.

9. My iPhone. No better way to have someone capture those first few moments of a new baby than with an iPhone. Last time, one of the nurses took our first family photo with our iPhones and I'm so glad we did. Chances are, most people know how to use one so it's easy for them (versus using a DSLR camera). It was also the main way we kept in contact with family and friends while in the hospital, keeping them updated on what was going on.

10. I have thoughts of bringing my DSLR camera, but I don't know if I actually will. What would be really great is actually having someone photograph the first moments together, and having someone there when we bring Palmer to meet the new baby for the first time. I've seen some really great hospital photos, candid type ones, and I absolutely love the way they look and to be able to save that memory is so special.

11. Magazines. I mean, for real. Being in the hospital for 24, 48, or more hours can be boring. You won't always have visitors. You will be tired, but be unable to sleep. Social media will only refresh itself so many times through the night before you have seen it all. So, to keep a little sanity during those sleep deprived hours, bringing some light reading material is helpful (or so I found).

12. EOS lip balm, besides being my favorite ever, will be essential. Hospitals are dry. I already know from work how much I have to put on lip balm throughout an 8 hour shift. So, being stuck in the hospital for 24+ hours, I know this will be essential.

13. B&BW lotion. Besides the fact that this kind smells amazing, i know for sure I will need it. For the reasons mentioned above, as well as probably washing my hands one million times a day while I'm there. 

So, there you have it. A list of some of the major things that will be put in my hospital bag. What are some essentials you have?

13 September 2015


Palmer and I have been home alone since Tuesday morning when Mitch left for work out of town, so it kind of seems like this whole week has been one long weekend for us. But, it is officially over as I head back to work tomorrow for my second last week before this baby arrives. 

Palmer and I managed to keep ourselves busy during the days, arranging play dates and outings, but the evenings were a different story. Trying to entertain a toddler ALL. DAY. LONG. is much more difficult with just one parent! And when a 2.5 year old decides she doesn't need a nap today, the count down to bedtime can't come quick enough!

Friday we kept it pretty low key. We met up with a girlfriend and her baby for lunch then walked down the street to the cutest little bakery where we indulged in some mini cupcakes. We did a little running around and we both had a short rest in the afternoon (Ok, Palmer napped while I enjoyed a Starbucks). In the evening, Grandpa (Mitchell's dad) came over and took Palmer to the park for awhile, giving me a short rest time, which I happily took!

That evening, I some how managed to convince Palmer it was a good idea to head out and take some pictures "like Scarlett's mommy did." which she fell for after I said that! I am happy with how some of them turned out. I have been trying to practice a little more with different settings on my camera. (my next purchase will be a 50mm lens.)

Saturday morning was looking like a beautiful day, so we headed out to the Petting Zoo at Lethbridge Corn Maze. It was surprisingly busy, but it a great day for it. Palmer absolutely loved feeding all the animals. She loved the baby goats and could have just sat there with them all day had I let her! 

Saturday afternoon we both happily took a much needed nap and went to visit family. Mitchell's aunt flew in from Ontario and his sister came from Calgary so we went to Nan and Grandpa's house for a quick visit. 

Sunday was again pretty low key, but I'm ok with that since it's back to "real life" (aka not having 9 days off work and single parenting) tomorrow. I'm hoping this week flys by though, it's my second last week of work before this next little munchkin arrives and there are a few things I would like to do before then, like head up to the Zoo since we weren't able to make it there last weekend due to the rain!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

12 September 2015

Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 34 weeks (on Friday September 11)

ABOUT BABY:  Baby is the size of a butternut squash, measuring 17.2 to 18.7 inches, and weighs approximately 4.2 pounds.

SYMPTOMS: My back is absolutely killing me. It's best in the morning and into the early afternoon, but after that, its pretty annoyingly sore. Sitting up is the worst I find, so walking around or lying down is best in the evenings. I have also been having contractions multiple times throughout the day. Nothing painful, mostly just annoying because they push up against my sore rib. Otherwise, they are very tolerable. 

MOVEMENT: Baby is still dancing around in there all day (and night) long. 

CRAVINGS: I had a craving for Ruffles All Dressed Chips last week, and my super amazing husband took off to the convenience store at 10pm to pick some up! Other than that, I just always want to have ice cold water. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I FINALLY caved and got some maternity jeans. So much better. I don't even know what I was thinking not getting them sooner! I must have been crazy! These pants are so much more comfy than trying to squeeze my giant belly into my regular jeans. Shirts, I have a few maternity ones, but otherwise, its still my regular t-shirts and tanks, which seem to be doing just fine. For now anyways.

33 Weeks
Overall, I have to say, things are going nearly identical as they did with Palmer. It seems like my two pregnancies have been so similar in almost every way. So, now I'm not sure whether to expect this baby to arrive in the next 2 weeks like she did or if this will hold on til the end?!? Even the doctor on Tuesday was unsure what to expect. I have started to pack a hospital bag, because I didn't have that done last time (along with many other things I wanted to do before baby came.) I'm thinking though, we will be much more prepared this time around!

10 September 2015

Another Friday Post

This week has just been me and my girl, so it kind of seems like it's gone fast and slow at the same time. Is that even possible??? But, nevertheless, here are my 5 Friday things.

One: Have you entered the Freshly Picked Moccs Giveaway??? It's still going on for another week over on my instagram! Make sure you head over there for more details on how to enter! You won't want to miss out your chance to win the cutest pair of Moccs ever! Winner will be drawn September 21.

Two: I took Palmer out this week for a few fun photos. Well, I thought they were fun. Palmer didn't like the pokey grass touching her legs. But, I think they turned out quite nicely! This photo was one of my favorites from Tuesday. 
Three: I have been single parenting all week, and I have to say, it's not that easy. Kudos to all the single parents out there! Mitch has been away for work, so it's just been me, Palmer and the dog around here. Although, it has been nice to have the week off work and spending all kinds of time with my girl. It's nice to get some quality time in with her before this new baby arrives in the next little while. I do have to say though, trying to walk with this little one, and a babe in my belly, AND trying to walk the dog isn't the easiest of tasks!!! 

Four: My friend, Tawnya, and I headed out for pedicures this week to relax our pregnant feet. I have to say, working at the hospital and keeping up with a 2 year old is tough at almost 34 weeks pregnant, so it was much deserved. We took the girls with us and it was the cutest thing ever. They were so good in there watching us get our toes done, then had some mini pedi's done themselves. It was a nice little afternoon, and it was nice to have my feet pampered! Thank you Prim Health and Beauty! And, as if these two aren't the cutest ever!?!

photo credit Tawnya

Five: I'm just going to leave off with this. Palmer has seriously been cracking me up lately. Her little personality is just too much sometimes! Here is another one of my favorite photos from our week!

9 September 2015

Its Beginning To Feel Like Fall: Photo Dump

Yesterday, Palmer and I set out to take some photos. Although it was windy, the temperature wasn't bad and I was wanting to get out for a few photos of Palmer in some of her cute new outfits (c/o Grandma). So, just down the road from us are some beautiful views of the river bottoms, lots of open fields, and a few great spots to stop for pictures. Had she been a little more cooperative, I would have tried more spots, but after we were done here, she kindly asked me "Mommy, can we go home now." Maybe another day this week we can get out to another spot with another cute Fall outfit?!?

Here, she was complaining that the grass was "weally, weally pokey."

7 September 2015

Freshly Picked Moccasins & Giveaway

I have been admiring Freshly Picked moccasins for a long while. So when the opportunity to work with Freshly Picked came up, I was absolutely ecstatic. In fact, I saw the episode of Shark Tank in which they were on and loved Susan's story. Susan built her company from hard work and dedication, and I admire that so much. You can read her story here. And, the fact that Susan is willing to share her product and give back to small bloggers like myself, even though she has grown her business into a huge company is so inspiring. So when the opportunity to work with Freshly Picked came up, I was absolutely ecstatic.

Palmer had another pair of moccasins but the quality just doesn't even compare to what these Freshly Picked ones are like. They material is of the highest quality and the feel of the leather is just so soft. All the FP Moccs are made with 100% genuine, durable leather, which seems to be perfect for growing and moving little feet. The elastics around the ankles seem to be very durable and of the best quality, so keeping them on little feet should be easy for everything from crawling, to walking, to running around the house. I know our new little babe is going to just love them, and I am going to just adore these little moccasins on new little baby feet!

I chose to get the Slat Flats from the Utah Collection, because I think they neutral grey color is perfect for a little boy or girl and will be a staple piece in our new little babes wardrobe. But, I'm sure once we know if this little babe is a boy or girl, I will be looking at some more gender specific colors like Prince George for a little boy or Frosted Rose for a little lady. 

I chose to get a size 3 for our new little babe as I think they are the size that will fit them for the longest amount of time in the beginning. It may be a few months before they are able to wear them, but, Freshly Picked does offer many sizes (toddler sizes 1-9) and Crib Moccasins!

I have heard nothing but amazing things about Freshly Picked and I am so excited to team up with them to offer one of you, my readers and Instagram followers, a pair! Entering is easy as heading over to my instagram account and following the rules listed on the post.

Good luck to everyone! And be sure to share the love. I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the chance to get their hands on a pair! Contest will run until Monday, September 21, 2015.

1. Contest is open to Canadian and US residents (If you are a Canadian winner, you must pay your own shipping costs)
2. You cannot have wont a Freshly Picked Giveaway in the past 60 days.

Freshly Picked provided us with a pair of their moccasins for review purposes, however, as always, all opinions are my own.