4 September 2015

That Friday Post and A Special Announcement

Well, another week for the books. These weeks seem to just be flying by! So, again, I'm rounding up my 5 Friday things.

I finally caved and picked up a pair of maternity jeans and I can't believe I didn't get myself a pair sooner. They are so much more comfortable than wearing regular jeans while 30+ weeks pregnant! What was I thinking not getting any sooner?? I picked up these ones from Thyme Maternity and have no complaints! (Sidenote: I also highly recommend getting maternity underwear! They are so comfortable! I got these ones)

I am super excited to have won an Instagram giveaway by Slouch Headwear. I absolutely adore slouchy beanies on kiddos (my favorite hat by far on Palmer) and can't wait to pick one out for our new babe. They have so many great colours to choose from, I am having a hard time deciding.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I am glad the Fall is coming. The cooler temperatures are fantastic. I am loving that I can actually sleep at night without being too hot and all the great clothes in the stores these days are my favorite. The fall colours are great; I'm loving the deep reds (like this nail polish) and navy's. Fall this year also means that baby is coming, which also means its the start of me being off work for awhile! Getting through these last 2 night shifts and 9 more day shifts is all I have left to do!

I think we are FINALLY going to head to the zoo this weekend. I have been waiting all summer to get up there to check out all the animals, and we finally made some plans to go. I can't wait to see Palmer's reaction to all the animals. I think it will be a great day and a much needed mini getaway!

AND.... I saved the most exciting for last!  Make sure you check back on Monday September 7 to enter the Freshly Picked Giveaway happening over on my instagram!!! I'll be sharing on all my social media, so make sure you come back to enter!!!

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