13 September 2015


Palmer and I have been home alone since Tuesday morning when Mitch left for work out of town, so it kind of seems like this whole week has been one long weekend for us. But, it is officially over as I head back to work tomorrow for my second last week before this baby arrives. 

Palmer and I managed to keep ourselves busy during the days, arranging play dates and outings, but the evenings were a different story. Trying to entertain a toddler ALL. DAY. LONG. is much more difficult with just one parent! And when a 2.5 year old decides she doesn't need a nap today, the count down to bedtime can't come quick enough!

Friday we kept it pretty low key. We met up with a girlfriend and her baby for lunch then walked down the street to the cutest little bakery where we indulged in some mini cupcakes. We did a little running around and we both had a short rest in the afternoon (Ok, Palmer napped while I enjoyed a Starbucks). In the evening, Grandpa (Mitchell's dad) came over and took Palmer to the park for awhile, giving me a short rest time, which I happily took!

That evening, I some how managed to convince Palmer it was a good idea to head out and take some pictures "like Scarlett's mommy did." which she fell for after I said that! I am happy with how some of them turned out. I have been trying to practice a little more with different settings on my camera. (my next purchase will be a 50mm lens.)

Saturday morning was looking like a beautiful day, so we headed out to the Petting Zoo at Lethbridge Corn Maze. It was surprisingly busy, but it a great day for it. Palmer absolutely loved feeding all the animals. She loved the baby goats and could have just sat there with them all day had I let her! 

Saturday afternoon we both happily took a much needed nap and went to visit family. Mitchell's aunt flew in from Ontario and his sister came from Calgary so we went to Nan and Grandpa's house for a quick visit. 

Sunday was again pretty low key, but I'm ok with that since it's back to "real life" (aka not having 9 days off work and single parenting) tomorrow. I'm hoping this week flys by though, it's my second last week of work before this next little munchkin arrives and there are a few things I would like to do before then, like head up to the Zoo since we weren't able to make it there last weekend due to the rain!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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