28 August 2015

That Friday Post

Well another week has come and gone, which means we are one week closer to meeting this babe! And one week closer to me not working for a year. And one week closer to chaos!

But, with Friday comes another Friday post. I like these because they are simple and fun!

ONE: Today marks Palmer's last day at the day home for awhile. I can't say enough wonderful things about our lady. Palmer absolutely adores her, and I know the feeling is mutual. Palmer loves the kids there, and she takes them on all kinds of field trips and adventures. There are days Palmer doesn't want to leave. That's how you know you've found a good place. We will definitely be making visits there in the future, and she happens to have 2 spots available in September for our return!

TWO: Speaking of loving kids, Palmer and her little bestie Scarlett are seriously just the cutest! My good friend Tawnya did this post last week talking about the girls and how seriously cute they are! Palmer went over to their house Monday for a couple hours while I got a massage and she couldn't stop talking about it when we got home. Check out their hashtag on our instagrams #PalmerandScarlett (Tawnya and Alycia)
Photo Credit: Tawnya

THREE: I have been trying to get organized for Baby Lowe #2 to arrive this past week. We pulled out all the little tiny clothes from the closet and got those washed, organized the nursery a little better so it's not a giant mess of everything, and we pulled out the car seat to wash and have ready. I feel like all I have left to do right now is pack a hospital bag (which I never had a chance to do with Palmer as she surprised us so early). But, Palmer has found a comfy new seat in the car seat. She thinks it's the best thing around. She pulls it up in front of the TV and just relaxes and watches TV in it. But reminds us "mama, I not a baby. I just pretending."

FOUR: We are off for the weekend. In fact, I don't work any more weekends. My last work day is September 25, which puts me at 13 shifts left after today. Hopefully they fly by just as quickly as the last little bit has. My parents are coming for the week to watch Palmer while we are at work and while Mitch and I golf in my favorite golf tournament tomorrow. We will see how well it goes with this belly in my way and me only having golfed ONE actual round all year! 

FIVE: Today marks 32 weeks with this little babe growing! I'm not sure I will get around to a post about it, but I will share my most favorite picture of me and Palmer EVER! Tawnya is seriously blowing my mind with these gorgeous photos. Anyone in the Southern Alberta area, you NEED to check her out for your photos! Stunning!

Happy Weekending, everyone!

25 August 2015

Palmer: 2.5 Year Update

In these past few weeks, I honestly can't even describe how much Palmer has changed and grown. She is this little person with so much to say, it truly amazes me. There are days I sit back and can't even believe the conversations I have with her. The little 2.5 year old her!

Her vocabulary has exploded. She will come up with things that I didn't even know she knew! And she really cracks us up. Everyday she say something new and hilarious. 

And her facial expressions. Sometimes I just can't help but laugh.

And she is so inquisitive. Everything these days is "why?" "But why, mom?" "Why?" 

And she shocked me last week when she pointed out a number and said "mommy, that's a four!" I was so taken back, I had no idea she even knew that. I had planned to start teaching letters to her soon, but it turns out she taught herself with her Endless Numbers app on the iPad. Palmer is able to identify all the numbers from 0-9, with some help with the six and nine, but they are tricky! 

Palmer is now fully potty trained. Palmer has been daytime trained since around Christmas time so I knew it was time to try bedtime. We began night time training about a month ago and have had only a couple accidents since. We went with the cold turkey method of stopping diapers and just wearing jammie's and it worked like a charm! We usually stop drinks just after supper and make sure to have a potty break just before bed. We set up a hall night light and one in the bathroom so she can navigate her way in the night of she needs! 

I say it all the time but I can't believe Palmer is two and a half. I can't believe how fast these past couple years have gone by, yet it's like she's been in our family forever. She just fits in so perfectly that I almost can't remember life without her in it. 

I am so excited to see her grow even more in the next couple months. When this new baby arrives, I just know she is going to be such an amazing little helper. Palmer is going to be the best big sister. 

We love you so much, sweet girl! XO

23 August 2015

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG: 31 weeks (on Friday August 21)

ABOUT BABY:  Baby is the size of a pineapple, measuring 15.2-16.7 inches, and weighs 2.5-3.8 pounds.

SYMPTOMS: My back has been killing me these days. I am going to the chiropractor about twice a week, and have a massage tomorrow. This rib-popping-out thing is for the birds. I have certainly had more than enough of it! And, I am starting to feel pressure in my pelvis more, very similar to what happened with Palmer. I feel like this pregnancy is almost exactly the same as last time. I'm also having Braxton Hicks - totally not painful, more just annoying. 

MOVEMENT: This babe is still moving like crazy. Anytime I am still, I can feel babe move and its pretty amazing. 

CRAVINGS: I am still not really craving much of anything. The odd thing here and there, like salt and vinegar chips, but nothing major. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I "splurged" at TJ Maxx while we were on vacation and bought 2 maternity type shirts (that I will most definitely be wearing post baby), that cost me like $13 total. Otherwise, I am sticking my leggings and usual t-shirts and tank tops, and occasionally wearing pants without the buttons done up!

BEST MOMENT: Palmer and I headed out with my friend Tawnya for some maternity photos. I am absolutely loving the ones I have seen so far! She is seriously so talented and takes stunning photos! I can't wait to see the rest. And, Palmer was so cooperative, for the most part!

Also, I put in my notice for my last day of work! WOO HOO! September 25 is the big day. That puts me at on 17 days left, including only 2 night shifts and no more weekends! I'd say that's pretty good!

SISTER LOVE: Palmer is still including the baby in everything. "Mama, we go to the park with mommy, and daddy, and Leaf, and Palmer, and the baby?" It's seriously so cute!  And, the other day at Costco, she picked out a super cute sleeper for the baby, and she was quite proud!

19 August 2015

Family Summer Vacation (Photo Dump)

It's been a long while since I've been around here! And I have a pretty good excuse. We got back from our 9 day long family vacation on Sunday then it was right back to work for both of us Monday morning.

We took our trailer down to Whitefish for the week and although I'm not the biggest fan of camping, I am a huge fan of the Whitefish area. There are so many outdoor things to see and do that we were never bored. From our campsite, we were able to bike to downtown Whitefish where there are cute little shops, great coffee, an awesome park for Palmer, and crystal clear water for Leaf, among many other things!!

A few times, we rode our bikes down to this cute little dock along the creek where Leaf and Palmer both enjoyed playing int he water. It was nestled down among the trees and bushes, just off the bike path, but it seemed so secluded.  

Ice Cream from Sweet Peaks

I love that we got to enjoy a week away as a family and that we were able to include Leaf in our holiday. I could tell he loved it, and he was so well behaved. I was very impressed!

Dogs aren't allowed at the city beach, as we headed just outside the town to Les Mason State Park where Leaf got to enjoy swimming for hours. I'm telling you, he didn't stop for nearly 3 hours!

Around the campsite, Palmer spent her downtime collecting "pinetones" in her bucket and exploring the outdoors. 

Here, she said "Mama, take a picture. I'm smiling."

We spent an afternoon at a great water park in Kalispell, Woodland Water Park. It was a great place for Palmer to splash around and play. They have a great kiddy opool, a couple waterslides, a lazy river (which I loved) and a lap pool where Palmer learned to swim by herself! #proudmamamoment

The park in downtown Whitefish is great for all kinds of kids. They have a toddler side and a bigger kid side. Palmer loved going down the 7 or so different slides they had!

On Saturday evening, we took a drive to Tally Lake. All the lakes around the Whitefish/Glacier area are beautiful, and so amazingly clear. I wish we had more like that around here!

And the moments in between were spent wandering the streets of Whitefish, 

enjoying cute lunches at Montana Coffee Traders 

 and taking far too many Target trips in Kalispell.

I'm glad we got to sneak away for this family vacation before craziness sets in with the new baby soon!