19 August 2015

Family Summer Vacation (Photo Dump)

It's been a long while since I've been around here! And I have a pretty good excuse. We got back from our 9 day long family vacation on Sunday then it was right back to work for both of us Monday morning.

We took our trailer down to Whitefish for the week and although I'm not the biggest fan of camping, I am a huge fan of the Whitefish area. There are so many outdoor things to see and do that we were never bored. From our campsite, we were able to bike to downtown Whitefish where there are cute little shops, great coffee, an awesome park for Palmer, and crystal clear water for Leaf, among many other things!!

A few times, we rode our bikes down to this cute little dock along the creek where Leaf and Palmer both enjoyed playing int he water. It was nestled down among the trees and bushes, just off the bike path, but it seemed so secluded.  

Ice Cream from Sweet Peaks

I love that we got to enjoy a week away as a family and that we were able to include Leaf in our holiday. I could tell he loved it, and he was so well behaved. I was very impressed!

Dogs aren't allowed at the city beach, as we headed just outside the town to Les Mason State Park where Leaf got to enjoy swimming for hours. I'm telling you, he didn't stop for nearly 3 hours!

Around the campsite, Palmer spent her downtime collecting "pinetones" in her bucket and exploring the outdoors. 

Here, she said "Mama, take a picture. I'm smiling."

We spent an afternoon at a great water park in Kalispell, Woodland Water Park. It was a great place for Palmer to splash around and play. They have a great kiddy opool, a couple waterslides, a lazy river (which I loved) and a lap pool where Palmer learned to swim by herself! #proudmamamoment

The park in downtown Whitefish is great for all kinds of kids. They have a toddler side and a bigger kid side. Palmer loved going down the 7 or so different slides they had!

On Saturday evening, we took a drive to Tally Lake. All the lakes around the Whitefish/Glacier area are beautiful, and so amazingly clear. I wish we had more like that around here!

And the moments in between were spent wandering the streets of Whitefish, 

enjoying cute lunches at Montana Coffee Traders 

 and taking far too many Target trips in Kalispell.

I'm glad we got to sneak away for this family vacation before craziness sets in with the new baby soon!

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