28 July 2015

My Favorite Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

I have been trying recently to really make my Instagram photos better. I know part of Instagram is sharing everyday things that happen with your friends and family, but part of it too, is creating beautiful photos. Instagram is by far my most favorite form of social media. I love finding great new accounts to follow, seeing beautiful photos from my friends, and sharing clips of our days. Bright, fun photos really attract me, so I try to make mine the same way!

ONE: PicTapGo
My favorite editing app for my iPhone photos is PicTapGo.  I love it because you can create you favorite "recipes" and apply them to all your photos so that they all flow together nicely on your feed. My favorite filter for my photos is the "Lights On" because it really brightens up your photo without making it distorted like some brightening filters can do. 

TWO: Afterlight
This one use to be my favorite until I found PicTapGo. What I like about this one is that it does have many filters to choose from, but you are able to adjust them to be more or less intense AND you can essentially create your own filter by clicking on the fusion button. It does take some adjustments and practicing and a little longer than some other apps, but you can end up with some really great photos.

THREE: Instagram
I usually will touch up my photos a bit using the adjustments on Instagram itself. I will slightly alter the brightness, saturation, warmth, or contrast just to tweak up my photo a little more. I don't use the instagram filters anymore, because I think they make the photo look too edited. 

BONUS: Collect
I love this app because if prompts you to take a photo every day, and it puts it into a calendar for you. I like that you can see the photos you've taken everyday, something like a photo journal. 

Do you have any favorite photo editing apps? Please share!! I love finding new ways to make bright, beautiful photos! 

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