17 July 2015

That Friday Post

It sure has been awhile since I've posted up some of my favorite Friday things, so this week, I'm sharing with you some of my favorite photos recently, along with our favorite Old Navy style. We seem to be shopping there more than anywhere else lately, not only for their cute stuff but the great prices. I think most of these photos appeared on my Instagram over the week, so you can head there to see more of our favorites!

This one tops my favorites. This dress is seriously so cute, and she had to pick out these flowers at the store because they were "same same" as her dress!

This blue dress is another favorite. The colour is perfect, and how can you say no to this face when she asks you for a treat?

Palmer is loving having her nails painted, almost on the daily. She has learned now that she has to wait awhile before they dry, so she was blowing on them here to speed it up! Otherwise, she walks around the house with both hands int he air like shes being robbed until I tell her they are dry! 

She was "helping" me make muffins the other evening. And by help, I mean stir the ingredients right onto the floor and pick out all the chocolate chips!

This summer heat wave is making me uncomfortable...and I'm only at the 26 week mark! I can only imagine what the next 14 weeks will be like! But, we are staying cool any way we can, so swimsuits and backyard pools it is for our days off!

Happy weekending everyone. Stay cool!

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