21 June 2013

5 Months: Palmer's life

Today marks Palmer’s 5 month “birthday.” I honestly cannot believe how fast the time has gone! I didn’t believe people when they said their babies grew up way too fast until Palmer came along!Its like a blink of an eye, and there goes a whole day! 

5 months old!

Palmer continues to be a great sleeper! We still have our bedtime routine that we try to do every night. Palmer is usually sleeping by 8 or 8:30pm and stays sleeping until 7am, sometimes 9:00am if we are lucky, although I really can’t complain about a 10-13 hour sleep! (Although I say that for every other night - last night she was up at 4am wanting to play). We are getting better at getting a good solid nap twice a day, usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Some days are better than others, but when she sleeps so long at night, I’m ok with no naps once in awhile!

New Skills and Developments:
1.     Palmer is still grabbing her toes and now she likes to suck on them!! I’ll go in her room in the morning and her sleeper foot is soaking wet because she has been sucking away at her feet!
2.     Rolling over back to front! She is getting so good at it! Her only problem now is that she rolls onto her tummy and gets frustrated that she can’t get back (except, she really does know how!)
3.     As of yesterday, Palmer can sit up by herself! I think it had a little bit to do with the CST! The therapist told us not to be surprised if she starts to sit up in a couple days and look stronger. Her whole 30 minutes of therapy on Monday was “untwisting” the cerebrospinal fluid and loosening all the tight spots in her neck and back! I didn’t think it would help a much as it did! I didn’t expect her to be sitting up for another month or so!
Watching "Intervention" haha 
4.     GIGGLES! We got our first real giggles this month too! Not yet a full out belly laugh, but it still an amazing sound to hear!
5.     Even just in the past week, I have noticed she has become so much more vocal. She makes these cute little squeals when she’s happy and is blabbering away more often now! Too cute!
6.  I have noticed her hand-eye coordination improving a lot over this past week too! She is now reaching for things a lot more and actually getting a hold of them!

Palmer’s Favorites:
1.     Palmer loves listening to music and when we sing! She has always settled when we turn music on, but now when I sing, she always gets big smiles! Good thing she doesn’t realize how bad my singing voice is yet!
2.     Her favorite toys are still ones that she can put in her mouth or ones that light up and play music, but at the same time, she is so content just lying on the floor playing with her feet!
3.     Bath time! Palmer LOVES LOVES having a bath. She kicks and splashes the entire time!  We get lots of high-pitched squeals and laugh in the tub too!

Our thoughts:
Rewards: Obviously a big one is seeing how much she is developing! I can’t believe she is eating bananas and sitting up already! I don’t know where all the time has gone! In one way, it’s so great to see her changing so much, but on the other hand, I want time to slow down just a little bit so we can have a little more time with our baby before she’s not a baby anymore!
Struggles: One that I am struggling with is if she can’t see you, she lets you know she’s not happy. As soon as you come in the room again, she’s completely fine! Some days I can’t even put her down to brush my teeth – hence, the baby in the laundry basket!


  1. Sounds like the separation anxiety is starting! You would NEVER know she was a premie! She's so advanced even for her age!! xo LOVE that last photo, what a sweetheart!!

    1. Yes, Tawnya, she has totally caught up! Can't tell even a little bit that she was almost 5 weeks early!