19 June 2013

4 Months: Palmer's Life

Palmer had a busy busy 4th month. Lots of new skills, did a TON of travelling, and slept some more!

4 months
4 months old, 13lbs 13 oz, 23.6 inches


At 15.5 weeks old, Palmer first started sleeping through the night and since then has almost consistently slept 10-12 hours a night! We couldn’t be happier! We have a good bedtime routine now: about 7:30 or so we do bath time, put our bedtime lotion on, read a story or two, eat and by 8:00pm-8:30pm, Palmer is in bed. No fuss. No crying. Maybe plays with her feet for a minute or two, but is often out for the night and doesn’t wake until between 6-7am. Some days we get lucky and she sleeps until 9:00am. Who wouldn’t love that?? And, she wakes up every morning with huge smiles!
We usually get a morning nap in about 10:30 for an hour and an afternoon nap around 1:30 for an hour. Let me tell you, she doesn’t just take after daddy with her looks. This girl loves to sleep!

New Skills and Development:

One thing that really sticks out during this time is sucking her thumb! This girl can’t get enough of it, but I know it’s been our lifesaver during the night. No soother to find. No rocking her back to sleep. She soothes herself with her thumb and is sleeping again in no time!!
Our little thumb sucker!
Palmer found her toes this past month too! She forever has them up in the air, waving them around, like she just don’t care.
Palmer is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth! Her hands. Her blankets. Her toys. My hair. Anything she can get her little paws on! With this, comes drool! Lots and lots of drool!
She makes all kinds of noises too. Gah’s, ooohs, and everything in between. I love listening to her just go on and on, making absolutely no sense to us, but it sure makes her happy!

Palmer’s Favorites:
Palmer enjoys watching TV. She will sit with daddy and just watch a hockey game. I think it’s all the flashy lights and fast movements.
She loves being in her jumparoo. She was a little small for it up until 4 months, but now she is just mesmerized the by noise-making zebra on the front. She squeals and talks to it the whole time she’s in it! 

Her little personality really is starting to emerge. For the most part, she is a happy, content little girl but if she’s unhappy, she sure lets you know it!!!

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