23 June 2013

Palmer, The Food-Eating Machine!

So far, food has been a hit with Palmer! Bananas? Awesome! Sweet Potatoes? Give me some more!  Watermelon! Delicious! Avocado? I make a funny face, but I still wanna put it in my mouth!

This is my avocado face

oh, so yummy mommy....

We have been lucky with Palmer so far in introducing solids! Hopefully she will take after mommy and enjoys most foods and not like picky Daddy! ;)  She only get a very small amount of “real” food each day, maybe about a table spoon worth twice a day, but from what I can tell, she loves it! And making baby food couldn’t be easier! We use the Baby Bullet and poof – baby food!

Before sweet potatoes

After sweet potatoes
Goofing around


The "I'm still not sure about avocado's" picture

The watermelon, she loved. We let her hold the rind with a little bit of the melon left and she was sucking away at it, giggling and drooling all over! Too cute! I'm glad we decided to introduce solids when we did! This little munchkin is enjoying it too much to have waited another month :)  I think on Tuesday, we will introduce the baby cereal, see how she does with that. I'm sure she'll be a little superstar!

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