25 June 2013

A Letter to Palmer I

My Dear Baby Palmer,

You surprised us all when you decided to show up a month early! I was a little worried at first; just hoping you’d be healthy. You showed us all how strong you were right from the beginning. I know you will carry this strength with you as you grow into a young woman, just as I’m sure you will continue to surprise us just as you did the day you were born. And, like the day you were born, you will likely do things on your own timeline. 

I am not here to dictate your life. I will be at your side to help you through whatever life may bring you.  I will be a shoulder to cry on during the sad and difficult times. I will laugh with you during the happy times. I promise I will support you in whatever decisions you make in life, because it is your journey to be had. Whatever you choose to do and wherever you may choose to go, I will hold your hand and I will walk with you. I want so many things for you. I know you will have those and so much more.

I will love you unconditionally.
Right now you are 5 months old and the happiest little girl I have ever met. I hope you always stay this happy. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary because you are extraordinary. No matter how old you are, or how grown up you get; you will always be my little girl.

I love you, Palmer.

Love Mommy

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