28 June 2013

Friday - Our Week In Fabulous Photos

A few photos of our week...

We sat outside

had naked naps

Went for lots of walks with Leaf

had some more naps, pantless

more walks...

ate some yummy food


took far too many pictures with Mommy

Visited my little buddy Kinsley

got so grown up that I can hold my own bottle

Hung out with cousin Colton

played outside some more

gave Leaf a bath with the hose

watched Leaf play fetch
watched Leaf have a "swim" after playing fetch

Played with Leaf in the grass

played in the grass, sitting up like a big girl

more pictures with Mommy

ate my toys


  1. I love the picture of Leaf in the pool!!! HAHAHA He's WAY too big!! Too funny! :)

    1. i know! The pool was full before he got in, but as soon as he sat in it, it all overflowed!