27 March 2014

Life Lately


Where have I been over the last 2 months? Best I can come up with is life. Real life took over.

Working full-time then coming home to spend time with my family and getting mom and wife things done in the evening before heading to bed at 9pm is what my life has been lately, which I am more than happy with, especially the bed at 9pm part!

What else has been going on you ask? Well, since I haven't blogged since Palmer's 1st Birthday party, there has been a whirlwind of things happening.

Lets start with Palmer:
She has been walking now for about 2 months, which has now turned into occasional running with numerous tumbles, trips, and falls so keeping my eye out on her has been a fulltime job alone! It's really amazing to see her moving all over the place now though. Palmer really has turned into an independent little person. I used to think of her as a baby (obviously, she was, and will always be my baby), but now she is a little person. Her personality is shining though (tantrums and all).

She is very smart. She understands a lot of things you say. Although her verbal vocabulary consists of "da da" "ma ma" "na" and her favourite (and her words for almost everything) "ba ba", her understanding is there for sure. We can ask her "Where are your socks" or "do you need a drink" and she will go find her socks that she hid somewhere or go find her cup and have a drink. So cute! We have even started to teach her some sign language and she is able to communicate to us that way. It only takes her a day or two to learn a new sign! She knows please, thank you, and eat (I think there are others, but I'm typing on night-shift wake up mode right now). I'm going to start working on a few more pretty soon!

She is still going to her day home, usually about 3-4 days a week depending on my schedule. I have to say, I think she really loves it there. There are days when she has a tantrum because we have to get her coat on to leave. I think she enjoys playing with the other kids!

For a few weeks last month, we were having HORRIBLE teething sleep (or lack there of). There were a couple of nights where Palmer was up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. no kidding. up the entire night! We have actually never had that before these damn molars started to cause her problems. I even went so far as to driving around at 2am in hopes that we should fall asleep in the vehicle - which she did! The thought even crossed my mind to sleep in the escape that night after she was sleeping...only lasted 3 minutes before she woke up again! UGH!  I am very happy to report now though that we are back to our regular, sleeping through the night selves! YAY!

Palmer LOVES the park. We have skipped out on the park for the past few days though with this snow we've been getting! Palmer loves going down the slide. She does it all by herself and has the biggest smile on her face! Its priceless! Now, if only spring would get here so we can make daily trips without worrying about being cold and wet!

As for me, I really don't have too much exciting news going on. I work. A lot (or so it seems).

A couple weeks ago, I held a wedding shower for my sister-in-law so that was stressing me out for a bit. I handmade all the decorations and her gift, so that certainly kept me busy for a while too. In the end, I think it all turned out really well! Lots of people, lots of food, and lots of showering the bride-to-be in gifts!

The same day I hosted the shower, I also had a race. The Moonlight Run 6km, from what I remember from the last times I ran it, is suppose to be a fun race. Let me tell you. This one was not. It had just melted after having been snowing and -30 all week, and it got up to +10-15 or so, so the coulees and river bottom were a big sloppy mess. There were times when I was running through ankle-deep puddles for more than just a couple steps. YUCK! Water sloshing around in my shoes - not my idea of a fun race. To top it off, the race ends with this nasty 1km long hill. My only goal for this race was to beat my previous time, especially since I hadn't ran in about 3 weeks due to the cold, snow, and maybe a bit of laziness?? Anyways, I had the exact same time! What are the odds? 36:21. Either way, I'll take it. Especially since I hadn't been training or preparing in any way. I have another 8km race scheduled for June. I'm sure I will be more prepared for this one as I will be able to get outside to run more, that is is Spring ever decides to show up!!

I have been trying to prepare for our trip to Mexico coming up in a week. We leave next Saturday. I'm all about making lists, so I have had lists of what needs to be done for awhile and what needs to be packed - the usual to do before a trip: arrange care for the dog, laundry, clean the house, pack for Palmer and I, and then there is trying to figure out things to do on the airplane with a 14 month old! If anyone has any suggestions on this, they are much appreciated!!!! This is the part I worry about most! The 4+ hour plane ride. I'm hoping we can get lucky and she will sleep because it will be around nap time! Fingers crossed!!!

And that's been our life in a nutshell over the past couple months! I'm going to try to keep up with the blog a little better again! Hopefully it's not 2 months between this and my next post.

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