25 September 2013

Positional Plagiocephaly: Part V - Rockin' the Band

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So, yesterday was the day.

Yesterday, Palmer got her helmet.

Now, it really doesn't look as terrible as I thought it was going to, but it isn't the most attractive thing to say the least.

Surprisingly, she is warming up to it quite well, although tomorrow will be the real test. Tomorrow will be the first day of wearing the helmet for naps and bedtime.

They have a schedule set up for the first 5 days of having the Starband Helmet to ease the baby into wearing the helmet. Day one was 1 hour on, 1 hour off, no naps, no bedtime. Today was 2 hours on, 1 off, again, not on for naps or bedtime. Tomorrow gets bumped up to 4 hours and we start to include sleeping, then 8 hours, then 23 hours.

Mitch found a website that we can order some decals and stickers for her helmet to "bling" it up and add some personalization. Since this thing is going to be a huge part of Palmer for the next few months, we might as well make it look pretty, right?

There is a girl I have been in touch with who has a little boy the same age as Palmer who go fit for his Starband helmet the same day as us. We have been messaging back and forth about the helmets. It's nice to have someone going through the same situation as you; a good place to bounce thoughts and feelings off of, because likely, that family is feeling similar things.

I was most worried about the helmet being uncomfortable for her, but since it hasn't really seemed to bother her thus far, I think we may be OK. Once you put the helmet on, it really seems like Palmer doesn't even notice it.I had read on different websites that it takes a lot of getting use to and that baby's sleep habits will change for the first little while after getting the helmet. Here's to hoping that isn't (too much) the case for us.

I'll keep you updated....

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  1. I think she makes the helmet look good :) She's just soooo adorable that I'm not sure what wouldn't look cute on her. She just seems like the happiest little girl there is... I love that big smile of hers!

    1. Aww, thanks. That's so sweet of you to say! :) She really is the happiest little girl, even when wearing this helmet! :)

  2. She looks adorable in her helmet, seriously!! I really hope you guys don't have too much trouble with sleep!! xo

    1. Aww, thanks Tawnya! I have a feeling the sleep may go OK too.

  3. She looks really adorable wearing that helmet! Really cute. By the way what's the purpose of that helmet?

  4. She is just too cute! I know you saw the post I just put out there about our time with the helmet on Cruz and honestly I remember how bad it sucked and at the time I thought it was the worst thing ever (I'm a bit dramatic) but I promise you the time will fly by and soon after you won't remember the time Palmer wore a helmet.

    She really looks just adorable!! How sweet is she! I can't wait to see how you bling it out! Love the melon saying as you know from our onesie! :)

    Good luck - but seriously if I can say anything don't worry about it too much. She will rock this out in no time and have the cutest little round head! :)