2 September 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up and Blogging Overload

This weekend we kept pretty close to home - nothing to major happened at all. This being my last weekend of maternity leave, I wanted to enjoy family as much as possible.

Mitchell was playing in a golf tournament over the course of 3 days, but was still home enough to enjoy some family swimming in the backyard, some froster-swirls from Mac's and a walk around the lake.

Other than that, I really have just been trying to get the house in order for my return to work in less than 20 hours!!!  And, trying to get rid of all these pesky fruit flies we have accumulated over the past few days/weeks??  (I created a contraption to capture them - I will spare your the grossness and save myself the embarrassment and not show you a picture. Instead, I will post this one: )

"Mommy, get this thing off my head!!!!" I'm sure is what she is thinking!

We had a delicious supper last night - homemade burgers and homemade fries. So yummy! Getting in another good BBQ before summer turns to fall!

This morning, we all slept in - until 9am!! It was super-fantastic! Despite Palmer being up a couple times in the night, just needing a cuddle (which has never happened before), it was a great sleep! I always love getting to sleep in!

Then we all enjoyed some pancakes for breakfast! Palmer seemed like she enjoyed her first taste of them!!

With all that being said, now that I am going back at work full-time and my time with my family will be decreased, the amount of blogging done will decrease, but I think this will be good. It will get me back to why I started blogging in the first place; to share stories of our little family with our family and friends, near and far. I think for awhile, I got too deep into blogging, finding new things to blog about daily, even several times a day, which watered down my posts. 

While Palmer was napping, I would blog. 

While she was in bed, I would blog. 

While she was spending time with Mitchell, yup, you guessed it, I would blog. 

The more I blogged, the less personal I got. I truly think people enjoy reading about Palmer and our family and the various things that happen in our lives, but I cannot share every life event on this blog. And now, between enjoying my family and working full time, I simply cannot put so much time into my "hobby." My initial intention for this blog was for it to be a casual place to share memories and thoughts, not the two or three times a day posts that it has become!

Of course, I will continue to post, sharing pictures and stories - just getting back to the reasons I started this blog in the first place. 
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  1. I had to come check out your blog! I love seeing another cloth diapering mama!

    Blogging is definitely time consuming. I feel like I rarely have the time for it, but I enjoy it so much and love be able to document all the little things. Hopefully you can keep it up, even if it's only every once in awhile. :-)

  2. Good luck going back to work! :)