11 September 2013

What We Did Wednesday & Positional Plagiocephaly: Part IV

Its funny how Wednesdays always happen to be the day we get to spend some time as a family and I actually have something to write about for What We Did Wednesdays!

For breakfast, I tried giving Palmer some frozen yogurt chips I made last night that I came across on this site.
look delicious, right???
 Here I thought, this is a great way for Palmer to be able to eat her yogurt all by herself.
It was working.

Until they melted.

This morning, we made a family trip to the park. Palmer has started to really enjoy the swings at the park so we like to take her now while the weather is still nice out!

Palmer and Daddy also took some rides down the slides!

We brought Leaf with us to the park. There was another dog there who was swimming in the little lake, so of course, Leaf was jealous and kept barking until we left him off the leash to swim too.
Hard to tell from this picture, but there is a toy in his mouth.

This isn't his toy.

We had a very hard time getting it out of his mouth. In fact, I had to run home to get the same exact toy so we could throw it in the water so Leaf would fetch that one instead and give the other one back to the other dog.

After the park, we went to get Palmer a library card so while I'm at work, Mitchell is able to get books for Palmer at the library.

Then we headed to the mall. We have been looking for curtains for the windows in our house. Its a good thing we aren't nudists because for 9 months now, our neighbours have been able to see right into our living room. Finding nice, inexpensive curtains has been proving more difficult than we thought. We came across some at Winners that we liked, but of course, there was only one set. We need 3 for the living room.

Then, we headed off to our appointment for Palmer's head. We had to get the 3D scans done for her head so the Orthotics Tech can send them off to Florida to get the helmet made.

Palmer had to wear this little bonnet and have stickers put on her face so the scanner was able to read the reflections. One of us had to hold Palmer while the other one tried to distract her from looking at the red light from the scanner. She actually did very well and was very cooperative! The scanner then sent an image back to the computer. It was pretty cool how it was an exact replica of Palmer's head and face.

We will go back in 2 weeks or so to get the helmet and get started!

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  1. Poor baby girl, glad the appt. went well! We'll have to try those yogurt chips, Sofia would love them :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  2. Haha! Love the pictures of the melting yogurt chips - lesson learned eh?

    1. Haha, Nancy! Yes, definitely a lesson learned! I had to give her a bath after this and hose down the high chair outside!