29 July 2013

Sensory Play - Wash Cloths and Wipe Box

I have been trying to come up with ideas for new things for Palmer to do that are fun for her while she is learning and non-repetitive for me, because quite frankly, I am running out of things to do with her that don't mentally exhaust me (because they get done over and over and over again). One tricky part though, is finding something age-appropriate for Palmer to do. There are a ton of ideas out there on Pinterest and other blogging websites, but Palmer isn't quite big enough for most of them yet. So, I saw my friend Tawnya had an idea and I decided to give it a try. Super easy concept and FREE! I took some of Palmer's bright, colourful wash cloths and an empty, unused wipe container, and Voila! A new game for her!

At first, I just left the big lid on the wipe container open and she would pull out the cloths, or dump them upside down then try to eat the cloth or the box.

Then a little while later, I closed the big lid and just used the little opening in the top of the lid and had her try to pull the cloths from there.

I will definitely be using this activity again. Who knew something so simple would be so stimulating for Palmer and help her learn?!?

And literally, she went from playing to sleeping in a matter of seconds!!!


  1. Awesome! I liked to give Nolan different kitchen utensils (that were safe obviously) like a potato masher, big spoons, whisk ect. and he liked to check them out, and bang them around.

    1. Jodie, the whisk was a hit!! Lol. I might try the pots and pans tomorrow!!! :)

  2. Also the tupperware drawer or the pots and pans are a gold mine for kids if you haven't tried those yet.

  3. Jodie, I'm going to have to try these!!! Good idea!!! :) I'm sure se will have fun banging spoons around!! :)

  4. As parents, you will find yourselves spending hours and hours in the next few years trying to find the "perfect" gift to keep Palmer entertained. Don't be disappointed when she decides that the box that special gift came in is more entertaining than the gift itself! Too cute!

    Love to all!