15 July 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Grandma arrived to our house on Thursday from Swift Current to spend a few days with us. Our ERGObaby carrier also arrived on Thursday so we were able to use it when we were out and about with Grandma. Palmer LOVES it! She nearly falls asleep in it every time! And it is so much more comfortable (I think for both of us) than our other carrier! We did some grocery shopping at Costco and went to Superstore; I wore it both places and I hardly even felt Palmer in it!

Friday afternoon, Grandpa showed up with his car. He brought it along for Street Wheelers Weekend.

Grandpa's (my dad) car
So, Friday, we did some visiting with both sets of Grandparents and Palmer hung out in the grandpas’ cars before the boys took off to do the drive down 3rd Ave to show off the car!

Palmer and Grandpa
Palmer and Grampa
The boys
Saturday, Palmer, Mom and I got up early and went to some garage sales. We didn’t find too much. We did find a hose reel, which we really needed because our hose had been laying in the window well since spring began! The rest of the garage sales were junk!! Then after Palmer’s nap, we went to the Farmer’s Market , the greenhouse, and Henderson Park while Mitch and Grandpa (dad) went to watch the races.  We picked up some delicious fresh veggies for supper at the Market and got some plants at the greenhouse to FINALLY do the landscaping in the front yard I’ve been meaning to do since summer started!  Later in the evening, Mitch, dad, and I went for a cruise down 3rd Ave and Mayor Magrath again in the car then stopped off at Menchie’s for some FroYo! Delicious!!
Playing in the swings at Henderson Park

Sunday started with Grandpa taking off back home. The rest of us finished off the landscaping and I think in the afternoon, everyone took a much needed nap! The day ended with a date night for Mitch and I; dinner and a movie!
Saying goodbye to Grandpa

Playing in the grass
Palmer and Grandma watching Daddy work on the landscaping
Palmer swimming and playing with her boat

Naked baby bum!

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