5 July 2013

How Our Lives Changed After Baby

  1.  I’ve come to appreciate that taking a shower is a luxury; one that often only happens at 10 o’clock at night and after realizing I’m full of sticky food mess and baby puke.
  2. Time goes by infinitely faster than it used to. Seriously, where has the last 6 months gone??
  3. The word important gets redefined. Things that use to seem important are virtually meaningless now. I don’t have time to worry about non-important things and now worry about totally different things.
  4.  I don’t need a clock anymore. Palmer sets the time and schedules!
  5. Going to bed at 10pm on a Friday or Saturday is a gift! (Not that we were much for going out to begin with). But we are totally more content being at home now.
  6. I get peed, pooped and/or puked on daily (ok, so maybe this was already true from work, but its different now.)
  7. The TV is rarely on in our house anymore which we are perfectly fine with. Palmer provides us with all the entertainment we need.
  8. Any pain your baby may be suffering is a thousand times worse than your own. Hearing that baby cry is heartbreaking.
  9. Baby nap time is time well spent around the house; family nap time is a time to cherish!
  10. Every day is a new surprise.

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  1. Love this, Alycia! #2 is the one that I still have trouble understanding. I wish it didn't go so fast! :(