28 July 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (Updated)

Although we really didn't do too much this weekend, we were still pretty busy.

Friday started as a typical Friday; Palmer and I went to visit some friends and Mitch worked until about 2 or so then it was on to some good quality family time. We had a nice little supper, went for a family walk, did the normal bedtime routine, except this time, the usual bedtime routine didn't follow with Palmer going to sleep. Instead, she cried and fussed and played around. We tried rocking her, feeding her, singing to her. Finally, we strapped her in the car seat and went for a drive and finally, at 9:30, she was sleeping! 2.5 hours past her bedtime! We have never ever had a problem with her going to bed. Its usually bath, bedtime lotion, book, milk, bed. Not this night though! Mitch and I were finally able to watch a movie (typical Friday night for us) after the drive around the west side! Palmer though, had other plans for the middle of the night. She was up twice Friday night which is very unusual for her, especially since she has been sleeping straight through the night since 3 months.

Saturday, Mitch went golfing in the morning, and Palmer continued to be a cranky little girl. After missing her nap in the morning and crying for awhile, finally at noon she fell asleep. I'm not quite sure what her problem was - I'm thinking it might be time for teeth? She really has no other symptoms of anything else, so blame it on teething?!? She woke up a much happier baby! We did some house and yard work then had some visitors in the afternoon. After supper, Palmer was back on the crying train! I feel bad because often times, I'm the only one who can comfort her. I know it breaks Mitchell's heart that he can't help her. I know its only a phase, but it breaks my heart too. There was one point, she cried and cried and cried, then Mitchell turned the music on his phone, and instantly, she fell asleep, in her high chair! The good thing was though, that we did the normal bedtime routine and Palmer fell asleep like normal and wasn't up through the night like the previous one!
Smiling firs thing in the morning, before Grumpy Palmer came out to play

Sucky, cuddly Palmer
She was crying hysterically just seconds before this, the music came on, then instantly, asleep!
Today, we had a visitor for the day, Xena. We are dog sitting for a friend of mine, so Leaf is going to have a buddy to play with all day! Xena and Leaf played outside most of the day! I could tell Xena missed her family, but she did good! I had set up a bed for her in the bedroom next to Leaf's, but she slept downstairs next to the back door, maybe she thought Cora was going to come back and get her?

And, so far so good with Palmer. Today seems like it might be a "normal" day for her!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!  It turned out to be a fairly "normal" day for Palmer, until bedtime hit and she was so tired and miserable. All she wanted was bed!

Leaf and Xena

We had some visitors come to see us in the afternoon. Our old roommate Allison came with her boyfriend to meet Palmer, see the new house, and visit with us for a bit! It had been so long since we had seen each other! We had a nice little visit!!! It was really great to see her! Leaf was excited to see her too!!!
Allison and sleepy Palmer
We also had Paul and Sandy over for dinner too (we called it Sandy's birthday dinner, which is actually today - Monday). So we did up some burgers and had "Birthday Apple Crisp" for dessert! We also scored on some wicked patio furniture from the Bay! The entire store was 60% off, plus we got another 15% off the patio stuff! We saved a pile of money!!!

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