5 July 2013

Friday - Our Week in Fabulous Photos

Our life this week in photos...

Daddy and Palmer watching "Talledaga Nights"

Palmer tried apples for the first time, and it looks like she loved them! LOL

Palmer tried out the swing for the first time at the park...
...not too sure what she thought!

Palmer and Daddy watching Leaf outside

Palmer at our picnic in Henderson Park

Everyone enjoying the heat outside 

more apples

Canada Day swimming at Henderson Pool

Everyone was tired after spending the afternoon swimming and in the sun

Palmer "painting"

"Isn't is beautiful, Mommy?"

Our birthday message to Grandma

Trying out peas

Feeding myself watermelon

Enjoying the warm weather!
"I love my puppy"

Yummy peas
"Look Mommy, I can feed myself!!"

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