22 July 2013

My Mommy Oopsy

So, today was filled with appointments for Palmer. We had her 6 month check with our family doctor this morning and our 6 month immunizations at the Public Health Office this afternoon.

While visiting the Public Health Nurse I filled out the 6 month questionnaire, we did the height and weight thing, etc, and while the nurse was plugging information into the computer, there was a big "clunk" - Palmer's head hitting the arm of the chair followed by the screaming baby cry. I felt awful! Palmer did one of those "I'm going to throw myself almost out of your arms" moves (OOPS!), and of course, it had to be at the public health office, in front of the nurse! I felt terrible and of course, started to worry what the nurse thought of me. But, I stood up and took her to look at the pictures of puppies on the wall and she was fine; stopped crying almost as quickly as she started. Nonetheless, her immunizations were a breeze and she was a rock star, as always. And our chunky little monkey weighs 16lbs 12oz and is right on par with her age group!

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  1. Grandma Baillie23 July 2013 at 13:30

    Love the effect in the background of these pictures! I assume it is the sunlight coming through the curtains but looks great!

    Palmer, as always, is so sweet! Looks like she is holding hands with the giraffe and talking to him/her!

    LOL and lots of love,