10 July 2013

What We Did Wednesday (Tuesday Edition)

Ok, so I know it’s Wednesday – but we don't really have too much exciting news to share for Wednesday (so far), so I’m telling you about Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, we had another appointment with the Craniosacral Therapist. She says things are feeling pretty good. She told us that the tissues in Palmer’s head and neck are feeling much less tense and that she is very optimistic for a good outcome. I have certainly noticed a difference in Palmer’s neck range of motion since we have been doing the CST! Now, all we have to do is wait for her little head to grow.  Actually, the neighbor across the street told us her little guy had Plagiocephaly when he was young, and they did all the physio, etc and his head ended up correcting itself without a helmet. I’m hoping Palmer’s will do the same. We are heading up to Calgary next Wednesday to see the Cranio-Facial specialist at Alberta Children’s Hospital to get his opinion then make our final decision from there as to whether or not we will be getting a helmet.

Tuesday afternoon, Palmer and I met up with some friends at Henderson pool. Palmer had such a good time. This was the first time she was actually kicking and splashing around in the water. It’s so cute to watch! After swimming, Palmer and Scarlett played for a while; they are such cute little buddies.

Palmer and Scarlett
Little buddies holding hands
Playing after swimming
But, swimming, sunshine, and a grand total of 30 min of nap during the day made Palmer one tired, grumpy little girl. Palmer fell asleep the minute she got in her car seat.

Tired little girl

 We went and had the rare weekday supper with daddy at his work and once again, the minute she got back into the car seat, she was sleeping. We got home and took leaf for a walk – she slept the whole time. We got home, and I changed her into her jammies, still sleeping!  Poor little girl was just drained!!!

Tuckered out

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