22 July 2013

Cloth Diapers So Far

So, its been a week now that we have been using our new cloth diapers and so far, so good. We are using them part-time right now for a couple reasons

  1. We purchased 6 shells and 12 inserts to start with just to get a feel for them, and although we only use 2 covers and 4-6 inserts a day, there is not enough to use them full time unless we constantly do laundry (which we already do anyways)
  2. We use disposables at night time due to absorbency factor. With Palmer going 12 hours through the night without a diaper change, disposables just seem to hold (a lot) more.  I am doing research as to what may work best for overnight.
  3. We use disposables for various "going out" occasions, depending on what the outing is, how long we will be, time of day (close to bedtime we will use disposables)

My thoughts so far on cloth diapers:
  • They are in no way more "gross" than disposables. 
  • The amount of garbage our house produces has drastically decreased since starting cloth diapers. I don't get the oh-please-don't-let-this-bag-rip terror while carrying it down the stairs!
  • Cloth diapers are super cute! Palmer has been wearing less pants this past week!
  • There is NO smell at all when Palmer is wearing cloth. No soiled smell. No urine smell!
  • We have yet to have a single blowout! No more poop-stained monstrosities and the OMG how did it get on your neck  problems anymore (Hopefully I'm not saying this prematurely as its only been a week, but I can honestly say, we use to have a blowout a week)
  • I really have had no problems with our new cloth diapers. There have been times I put a brand new disposable on and the tab rips off and I have to get another one - waste of $0.22!
I'm not sure where we will go from here, whether we continue to part-time cloth diapers or if we will make the switch to nearly 100% of the time, but right now I can say, I'm glad we made the switch!

Not sure how she got here, but she looks cute nonetheless


  1. I am glad you made the switch! 1. You will NOT have any blowouts with cloth :) I am going on 9 months now with no blowouts so I think it's safe to state this! 2. The non-smell factor is the best, there is nothing that I hate more than a sopping wet disposable diaper. Sick. 3. if you find out a system that works at night, let me know! Because I still haven't figured this one out :( Maybe we're just blessed with babies that sleep 12 hrs at night ;)

    PS she looks stinkin' cute with a little cloth butt!! :)

  2. Hi! I found your blog via Instagram- we have a 6 month old little boy- also in cloth & doing baby led weaning. I agree with tawnya, Graham has been in cloth since he was 13 days old and no blow out ever! We also use disposables at night because he sleeps 12hrs. In cloth he was soaking through and waking up with sheets & clothes wet :-( I am glad I found your blog & Instagram- looking forward to following along!

    1. Hi Sara! Thanks for following me! I read your blog too! Looks great! I'm going to start following along with your story too!! :)