31 October 2014

Oh Hey, Friday and A Co-Host Linkup

One: have you noticed the new blog design??? I was due for an update; a refresher you might say. I'm loving the clean simplicity of it. Huge props to Sally::C Webs Biz

Two: I've been spending the last two days trying to fight off this cold I can feel brewing inside! Stuffy nose and a scratchy throat. I'm hoping this is the worst of it and all the Echinacea, Vitamin C and green smoothies I've been taking is working!

Three: It's Halloween!! I've never really been one to dress up (in my adult years anyways) and Halloween was just another day for a long time. Now that Palmer is able to partake in Halloween and enjoy a piece of candy or two, it's turned more fun again. I love seeing all the sweet little costumes out there! 

Four: Have you checked out the cash giveaway from Monday's post???  If not, you better get over there and have your chance at winning some cash!!!!

Five: This week I'm co-hosting a fun link-up with some fun ladies for TGIF....

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29 October 2014

It's The Little Things: Daddy Hugs

Palmer has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

I could watch these two together all day. They truly just melt my heart. There is nothing sweeter than watching the man you love do anything for this little person you two have.

Watching him love her.
Watching her love him.

There is one special moment they share nearly every night now. I tell Palmer it is time to go to bed. She throws her hands up in the air of course, and makes this horribly fake crying face and sound. Then, she cuddles up to Mitchell and hugs him tightly, as if to say, "I'm cuddling with Daddy. He's not going to make me go to bed." And, for a few minutes, that is true. I mean, how could you get in the way of a little girl hugging her daddy?

I just can't wait to watch their relationship grow into something amazing!

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27 October 2014

A Quick Post & A GIVEAWAY!

I just finished my 6 day stretch at work and it had to be one of the busiest, most challenging/frustrating/hard weeks I've worked in a LONG time..... Not to mention a toddler teething her 2 year molars....

 so what better way to cheer a person up than cash?

I'm joining up with Karli | September Farm for a cash giveaway! 

What could be more awesome? Because when you've had a crappy week, doesn't every girl wanna do a little retail therapy?


So, you know I'll for sure be entering. Hope you will be too!!
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24 October 2014

Friday, What I'm Loving Now

one | This coffee creamer. I picked this up when we were in the States and I'm loving it. We don't get a lot of the same flavors here in Canada as they have in the USA so whenever we go, I'm always on the lookout for a new kind.  What are some of your favorites I should try?

two |  This post. Tawnya is a real-life friend of mine and this post really hit home with me. I have talked and thought about the topic before and lately I have been very conscientious about what I spend my time doing while I'm with Palmer. I find it difficult working full-time and getting in enough quality time with Palmer so I have made a rule for myself that I will not use my phone or the computer for non-essential things (facebook, instagram, blogging, etc) while Palmer is awake. Yes, there will the times when I use my phone for a quick minute or two, or check something out on the computer quickly, but I don't want to be that person who doesn't acknowledge my child because my eyes are glued to a screen.

three | I'm loving the way Palmer is really starting to amaze me more and more everyday. Seriously, this girl is getting to be so smart, saying things I didn't know she knew. Makes me realize just how quickly she is growing, hence, the reason for point 2 above.  She is a pro at puzzles, matching games, sorting objects, and starting to say short sentences. Makes me a proud mama.

four | These two. I could honestly watch them play and interact all day. Palmer loves Mitch so much, you can see it in her eyes when she looks at him. And Mitch has such a soft spot for Palmer; she's going to have him wrapped around her little finger!

five | Going to bed at 9:30 every night. I don't know what it is, but there is something magical about being about to lay down after a full day at work and coming home, getting everything ready for the next day (lunches, laundry, dishes, cleanup, etc) and crawling into bed at a reasonable time (so it can be done all over again the next day). I swear, somedays, I need to be in bed before Palmer!

Hope you all had a great week!!!
Happy Weekend.
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20 October 2014

That Time She Slammed The Door In My Face

Oh, the life of a toddler. So hard. So difficult (in their minds). When they are struggling to get their thoughts across to you and in turn, don't always understand what you are saying....

...that was how our morning started.

It was one of those mornings when the dog wanted out at an unearthly hour. Then, the minute I get cuddled back in my bed, he's barking and banging on his water dish. I rush down the stairs to make him stop, because, like I said, it's a hideous time of day and I don't want to wake the neighbours.

Again, I head back to my bed, pull the blankets up, close my eyes and hear my toddler waking up. At first, it was just playful chatter; talking to her friends in the bed with her.

Soon, it turned into "mama! mama... MAMA!!!"

I walk into the room, and I'm hit in the face with an overwhelming scent. Poop. Yes. Poop.

I hope and pray that it is contained, but deep down, I know its not.
Not my lucky day.

I pick up my child and hold her out at arms length. I can see the explosion out her pants. Up her back. On the sheets. But the worst part....on her stuffies.

Now, for me, that's not really the worst part, but for Palmer, the one who doesn't understand that she can now no longer play with these friends, devestating.

I clean up Palmer and try to sneak all her friends into the laundry basket without her seeing.

Big mama fail.

We carry the basket to the washing machine as I try to explain to her that Elmo, Big Bird, and Mr Elephamt all need a bath. She doesn't understand.

Game over.

Commence meltdown.

She turned out of the laundry room, pushed me away, and slammed the door in my face.
She then goes into our bedroom, and slams that door too.

I peek the door open to watch her flail herself against the bed, sobbing. Then, like a noodle, slides down the bed to the floor and lays face down, crying "Eeelllllmmmoooooo. Noooo."

I thought she'd forget about it if I disctracted her but she just kept pushing me away, "Don't!!"

So, I let her calm herself and I go downstairs.
About 4 minutes later, I hear little footsteps making their way down the stairs.

"Mama. Ooage (orange) peese."

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19 October 2014

Currently {7}

|| Thinking about || How reality is really starting to hit me that we will soon have a 2 year old! We celebrated one of Palmer's besties 2nd birthday this weekend and it made me really realize just how close we are to having a 2 year old. In just 3 short months....Everyone always says it, and I never really believed it until I experienced it, but life with a child goes by so fast. It's truly unbelievable how fast these past 21 months have gone by. I find myself telling people "she's almost 2" now when they ask instead of 20 months.

|| Listening to || the sound of Palmer not sleeping. I can hear her playing with her talking Abby doll, who is now one of the 4 stuffies (including Mr. Elephant, Elmo, and Big Bird) Palmer has to take to bed with her every. single. night.

|| Watching || We totally binge-watch TV series, and now that we have FINALLY caught up to Season 7 of SOA, we are seriously considering purchasing the season from iTunes because I know we cannot wait a whole year for the DVD to come out so we can borrow it from the library! Our next problem though, is which TV series to watch next...Any ideas?

|| Reading || Jennifer Weiner's All Fall Down. I started this book about a month ago and have yet to finish it. I'm determined to finish it soon though as I have another book I'm eager to read. The minute I'm done this post, I'm off to lay in bed, cuddle with Leaf and continue to read my book.

|| Thinking about ||...speaking of cuddling with Leaf, I think we are getting back to having our Leaf back...About a year ago, Leaf was struck with worse anxiety than he already has. He refused to sleep on his bed in our room anymore, and eventually ended up spending 98% of his time outside, including overnight. We never did find out what his problem was. We tried giving him calming dog treats, walking him more, "forcing" him to lay upstairs with us, but nothing worked. But, since he has a sore leg, about 2 weeks now, he seems to be more OK with being inside and he has now even spent 3 or 4 nights sleeping on his old bed. I'm hoping this is a sign that he is getting back to his old, non-anxious self.


Joining Hannah for Currently.
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17 October 2014

Oh, Hey Friday

I actually can't wait for this week to be over. Even though it was a short one this week (only having to work 4 days after an extra long long weekend), it seemed to be never ending. I tend to thoroughly enjoy my usual 3 day weekends as they usually mean lots of family time.

So, on that note, here are my 5 Friday things:

{one} My father in law is retiring soon, and this weekend is his retirement party. Saturday afternoon will be spent celebrating his retirement at the golf course with family, friends, members and co-workers and will be topped off with some sort of family dinner/get together in the evening. I'm sure it will be a nice celebration and he will enjoy it, I mean, who wouldn't love retiring??

{two} One of Palmer's best little friends, Scarlett, is turning 2 already!! I can't believe it, because it means in just 3 short months, Palmer will be 2. So, before the retirement party on Saturday, we are heading over to Tawnya's house for a bit to celebrate with S at her costume birthday party.  It should be a great time too!

{three} I received the sweetest text today from a good friend of mine and it really made my day. Tawnya saw Palmer out at Rhyme Time with the dayhome lady, and she let me know how much Palmer seemed to be enjoying herself and how much fun she seemed to be having with our dayhome lady. I always knew it was the right fit for our family and getting this message just re-assured our decision in choosing the dayhome we did. Being a working away from home mama is hard sometimes, you can read my previous post here, and knowing that Palmer is having a good time while we are working is so special to know.
This quote is so true, and it is so comforting to know that you really have nothing to worry about while you're at work.

{four} Last Friday before we left for Whitefish, I noticed poor Leaf was limping and not putting any weight through his one back leg. Poor guy has been dealing with some issues over the past while and this was another something we had to deal with. So my mom so graciously took him to the vet while we were gone, and they told her he has arthritis and that this was some kind of flare up. Poor pup is still not walking great and has not has any exercise for a week, as per the doctors orders. I'm hoping tomorrow we can get out for a slow, leisurely walk, although, if you know what it's like to walk with a 5 year old lab, you'd know that will be a challenge. The poor guy has been looking so sad. His favorite thing ever is getting out for a walk.

{five} I've been starting to collect my ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts for both Mitchell and Palmer. Mitch has a birthday in November, then Christmas comes, then our anniversary, Palmer's birthday, my birthday and Leaf's birthday, all in January. So, trying to come up with several gift ideas for Mitch for that short amount of time is sometimes really challenging. So, if any of you have any good husband gift ideas, I'm all ears!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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14 October 2014

Weekend Adventures!!!

This past weekend, we headed down to Whitefish for our annual Thanksgiving trip. Now that Palmer is older, there are more things we enjoyed doing there this time. We enjoyed some ice cream from Sweet Peaks. Played at the park and in the leaves. And headed out to Sweet Pickin's Pumpkin Patch for some fun, including a petting zoo, tractor rides and apple cider.


This week, I am co-hosting Week's End with Oak and Oats. Come link-up with us, your happenings from the week!

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9 October 2014

Another Friday Post!

Friday is here! Yay! This week Friday actually means Friday.
Friday means the weekend!!!

Friday means we are heading out of town for a few days to one of my favorite places; Whitefish, MT.
We head down to Whitefish every Canadian Thanksgiving:; Mitch and his dad golf while us girl shop. Always a good time and we often come back with far too many things from our Costco shop. Nevertheless, I'm always happy to go. Whitefish is so beautiful and now that Palmer is older, we may try to find a few activities she is able to enjoy!  AND, perhaps I can convince Mitch to allow his sister to snap a few family photos of us near the lake or with the mountains in the background!

Anyways, on to my 5 Friday things:

{ one } Every so often, I enter a giveaway on Instagram. I never really expect to win as I am certain sometimes thousands of people enter, but, this past week I entered one and I won! I won a $20 shop credit to this cute little Etsy shop, SewCuteCreations4You. This is what I chose:

{ two } Whenever I get my stretch of days off, I like to get Palmer to the library for Rhyme Time. Palmer seriously loves it! She is getting so good at all the actions to the songs. Melts my heart!  I tried to get a good video of her doing some of the songs this week, but I have to video behind her because once she sees I'm videoing her, she stops.

{ three } And, P is turning into quite the little dancer! We had TWO dance parties on Wednesday. One in the morning to practice our moves and another one when daddy got home from work! So. Much. Fun!

{ four } This is what my kitchen table looks like, and here I am, trying to finish up this post...
I feel like there is so much to do before we leave for Whitefish tomorrow, and so little time to do it in. Yet, again, here I am.

Maybe it's because I know some of my best work gets done when time is ticking down?
Yes, lets go with that!

{ five } And, Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends and enjoy yourselves some delicious turkey!!!

I'm partying here
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