29 October 2014

It's The Little Things: Daddy Hugs

Palmer has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

I could watch these two together all day. They truly just melt my heart. There is nothing sweeter than watching the man you love do anything for this little person you two have.

Watching him love her.
Watching her love him.

There is one special moment they share nearly every night now. I tell Palmer it is time to go to bed. She throws her hands up in the air of course, and makes this horribly fake crying face and sound. Then, she cuddles up to Mitchell and hugs him tightly, as if to say, "I'm cuddling with Daddy. He's not going to make me go to bed." And, for a few minutes, that is true. I mean, how could you get in the way of a little girl hugging her daddy?

I just can't wait to watch their relationship grow into something amazing!

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