19 October 2014

Currently {7}

|| Thinking about || How reality is really starting to hit me that we will soon have a 2 year old! We celebrated one of Palmer's besties 2nd birthday this weekend and it made me really realize just how close we are to having a 2 year old. In just 3 short months....Everyone always says it, and I never really believed it until I experienced it, but life with a child goes by so fast. It's truly unbelievable how fast these past 21 months have gone by. I find myself telling people "she's almost 2" now when they ask instead of 20 months.

|| Listening to || the sound of Palmer not sleeping. I can hear her playing with her talking Abby doll, who is now one of the 4 stuffies (including Mr. Elephant, Elmo, and Big Bird) Palmer has to take to bed with her every. single. night.

|| Watching || We totally binge-watch TV series, and now that we have FINALLY caught up to Season 7 of SOA, we are seriously considering purchasing the season from iTunes because I know we cannot wait a whole year for the DVD to come out so we can borrow it from the library! Our next problem though, is which TV series to watch next...Any ideas?

|| Reading || Jennifer Weiner's All Fall Down. I started this book about a month ago and have yet to finish it. I'm determined to finish it soon though as I have another book I'm eager to read. The minute I'm done this post, I'm off to lay in bed, cuddle with Leaf and continue to read my book.

|| Thinking about ||...speaking of cuddling with Leaf, I think we are getting back to having our Leaf back...About a year ago, Leaf was struck with worse anxiety than he already has. He refused to sleep on his bed in our room anymore, and eventually ended up spending 98% of his time outside, including overnight. We never did find out what his problem was. We tried giving him calming dog treats, walking him more, "forcing" him to lay upstairs with us, but nothing worked. But, since he has a sore leg, about 2 weeks now, he seems to be more OK with being inside and he has now even spent 3 or 4 nights sleeping on his old bed. I'm hoping this is a sign that he is getting back to his old, non-anxious self.


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  1. Suits! You have to watch suits. If you haven't already, start from season one and give it a few episodes. Graceland too! Then give parenthood a stab but I'm sure you already watch that