17 October 2014

Oh, Hey Friday

I actually can't wait for this week to be over. Even though it was a short one this week (only having to work 4 days after an extra long long weekend), it seemed to be never ending. I tend to thoroughly enjoy my usual 3 day weekends as they usually mean lots of family time.

So, on that note, here are my 5 Friday things:

{one} My father in law is retiring soon, and this weekend is his retirement party. Saturday afternoon will be spent celebrating his retirement at the golf course with family, friends, members and co-workers and will be topped off with some sort of family dinner/get together in the evening. I'm sure it will be a nice celebration and he will enjoy it, I mean, who wouldn't love retiring??

{two} One of Palmer's best little friends, Scarlett, is turning 2 already!! I can't believe it, because it means in just 3 short months, Palmer will be 2. So, before the retirement party on Saturday, we are heading over to Tawnya's house for a bit to celebrate with S at her costume birthday party.  It should be a great time too!

{three} I received the sweetest text today from a good friend of mine and it really made my day. Tawnya saw Palmer out at Rhyme Time with the dayhome lady, and she let me know how much Palmer seemed to be enjoying herself and how much fun she seemed to be having with our dayhome lady. I always knew it was the right fit for our family and getting this message just re-assured our decision in choosing the dayhome we did. Being a working away from home mama is hard sometimes, you can read my previous post here, and knowing that Palmer is having a good time while we are working is so special to know.
This quote is so true, and it is so comforting to know that you really have nothing to worry about while you're at work.

{four} Last Friday before we left for Whitefish, I noticed poor Leaf was limping and not putting any weight through his one back leg. Poor guy has been dealing with some issues over the past while and this was another something we had to deal with. So my mom so graciously took him to the vet while we were gone, and they told her he has arthritis and that this was some kind of flare up. Poor pup is still not walking great and has not has any exercise for a week, as per the doctors orders. I'm hoping tomorrow we can get out for a slow, leisurely walk, although, if you know what it's like to walk with a 5 year old lab, you'd know that will be a challenge. The poor guy has been looking so sad. His favorite thing ever is getting out for a walk.

{five} I've been starting to collect my ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts for both Mitchell and Palmer. Mitch has a birthday in November, then Christmas comes, then our anniversary, Palmer's birthday, my birthday and Leaf's birthday, all in January. So, trying to come up with several gift ideas for Mitch for that short amount of time is sometimes really challenging. So, if any of you have any good husband gift ideas, I'm all ears!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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