31 October 2016


Wow, how did October go by so quickly? I didn't even have a chance to blog. Not once! I swear, the month went by at warp speed! I didn't even have a chance to take many photos this month. I've been slacking on here and on Instagram. I gotta pick up my game! I know how much you all love seeing my little beauties! :)  Anyways, here is a little update on whats been going on!

Palmer started swimming back in September, and girlfriend is a fish. She is the best one in her class and she loves it so much! I'm glad she loves it, because I think swimming lessons are so important. I would hate to have a fight every week! We have swimming tonight before we go trick-or-treating. Palmer is so excited for both!  

She decided early on that she wanted to be a butterfly fairy princess, then we saw a Rainbow Dash costume in Costco, and since she love MLP, she has now decided she is going to be a Rainbow Dash, butterfly fairy princess, full of glitter and sparkles. I'll be vacuuming sparkles for months, I swear. I'll be sure to get some photos of the girls in their costumes later today. I told Palmer though, that she wasn't allowed to put it on today until after swimming, or my house would look like it threw up sparkles, no lie, so she settled for a quick kitty costume for our morning errands today!

We went back to Lethbridge for a special little girls 4th birthday party this past weekend. It had been far too long since we saw our besties and it makes me sad that we don't get to see them more. Palmer and Scarlett are seriously the cutest together, and we were so happy we got to go spend her special day with her. Palmer was so excited to go see Scarlett and hasn't stopped talking about it!

photo c/o Tawnya Nicole co.
Sweet Charlie is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. She is walking all over the place, has to keep up with Palmer. Her littler personality is beaming through. She is so smart, and understands so many things, but all we get from her is a grunt and a point, so sometimes it's tricky to figure out what she wants! Usually, you can just toss some goldfish her way, and she's happy!

She is also cutting her 1 year molars, so thats been fun. Ok, so it isn't that terrible, but I'm tired of the all the snot and waking in the night! She's got one cut through on the top, and the other is nearly there, and both whitecaps on the bottom! Poor girly!