15 September 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up (in Photos)

We spent the weekend away in Saskatchewan, camping with my parents. We got there Friday to some gorgeous 30+ degree weather. Saturday was kind of a bummer because it was a little windy, too windy to go to the beach, but Leaf still had fun swimming in the River. The weekend ended today with us getting home around 4:30pm. Just in time to make supper, go for a family walk, pack lunch for tomorrow, and will be catching up on our usual Sunday TV (breaking bad and Big Brother).

Here are some pictures to recap our weekend:

The Saskatchewan Landing.. This is where we went camping

Walking with Leaf and Uncle Troy

Leaf after swimming | Mitch hiding from the camera and/or mosquitos | Uncle Troy

We use to bath in this tub while camping when we were kids!

Palmer also met Great Grandma Baldwin for the first time!!

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  1. i love the pictures with her great grandma!! what a beautiful moment :-)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I haven't been camping in years!

  3. I love the landing!! Haven't been there in forever! Brings back such great memories...glad you got to get away! :)

  4. Love the photos, wow really beautiful. Looks like you had an awesome weekend.

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I am a new follower via 5 On Friday link up.

    I also nominated you as one of my favorite blogs. Its for the Liebster award.

    You can check out the details here if you would like to accept :)


    Hope you have a great week :)

  5. So jealous! I haven't been camping in forever... Looks like y'all had so much fun!