10 September 2013

Family Friendly Food

I am again joining up with the Kid Tested, Mom Approved link-up, this week hosted by Meet The Sullivans, with the topic of Family Friendly Foods.

I am trying more and more everyday to introduce Palmer to "real" food instead of having to puree everything. My biggest worry at first was her choking but I have come to realize that she knows how to chew and the only way she will learn to eat is by giving her whole foods. Babies have a stronger gag reflex than adults do so I'm learning to worry less and less.

The first meal we ate as a whole family (eating the same foods) was last weekend when we made pancakes for breakfast. I'm a sucker for delicious pancakes and I think Palmer enjoyed them too!

I have slowly been introducing other whole foods to Palmer. We tried quinoa and rice on Saturday, which she seemed to like. And now that Palmer has teeth, it's getting easier to give her foods that we eat. Hopefully soon, she will be eating no purees at all. 

Yesterday, I made my banana muffins and we gave Palmer a taste. She ate them, so I guess she liked them (but she eats anything you put in front of her, so it's hard to tell!!) We also introduced her to cheese, which also seemed to be a hit!! 

You can't tell here, but in the top left picture, Palmer is looking at Leaf, who is looking at her, waiting patiently for some snacks to fall...

I am loving the fact that we are now able to give Palmer more foods that we eat and less purees. Making life So. Much. Easier!! I'm looking forward to seeing what the other mamas in the link-up have suggested as Family Friendly Foods!

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  1. Palmer is such a cutie! And now I want those muffins and pancakes!

    1. Aww, thanks Julie! The muffins are super easy to make! They stay really moist too!! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Such a fun stage! It's so cool watching them experiment and learn to tastes and textures.