29 March 2016

Happy Half Birthday, Charlie Dawn

Length - 25 inches
Weight - 16lbs

SLEEP: Since around 4.5 months, our sleeping has been all over the map. We went from a baby who slept 12 hour stretches at night to one who wakes up at random times every night. There is no predicting what will happen on any given night. She will wake anywhere from 1-4 times a night, and the length of time between each is different. This mama truly has no idea what will happen from one night to the next. The good thing is though, that when she wakes, she either fusses for a minute or eats and goes back to sleep without any problems. I am hoping we are on the way back to longer stretches. She did give me a 10 hour stretch this past week, so I am hopeful.

- Charlie is rolling all over the place. She doesn't stay in one place for too long these days.

- She is starting to be able to sit up on her own. She can hold herself up for about 5-10 seconds before toppling over, but we are getting close! And, I am sure we aren't far off from crawling. This little girl wants to go!

 - Her hand-eye coordination is getting much better.

- She loves being in the jumperoo.

- Charlie has started eating solids, and is loving it. Her favourites are sweet potatoes, bananas and apple sauce. 

- Charlie is so aware of everything going on around her. She looks around for Palmer and the other sounds around her all the time.

- Independent play. Charlie is content laying on her play mat, reaching for the toys and rolling around for a bit while I help Palmer, or fold laundry, etc.

Little Lamby
her jumperoo
singing songs

BIG SISTER: These two girls are my favourite. Palmer is such a good big sister. She is always helping out with Charlie, singing her songs, playing with her. Palmer brings her ALL. the. toys. when Charlie is fussing. She sings her songs. Palmer is the sweetest. And, Charlie is finally at an age where she is starting to be able to play back, and I can see it in the way Palmer's eyes light up, that she is loving every second of being a big sister.

MY THOUGHTS: Wow. It's hard to believe that 6 months have gone by already. We are half way to one. Half way back to work.  How have 6 months gone by already? Like the blink of an eye, yet it seems like its just always been. Charlie makes us smile everyday. She is such a happy little girl and is always showing off her little dimple! Love!

Happy Half Birthday, Charlie!

27 March 2016

Easter Weekend

This weekend was especially nice because the long weekend meant we would get three days with Mitch instead of the usual two. For the most part, things were kept pretty low key, but that is perfectly fine with me.

We kicked our weekend off Thursday evening when Mitch got home from being away for work. We didn't do too much of anything, but enjoyed each others company. Palmer is always so excited to see him after a long week apart. 

Friday started with Palmer being up early, as per usual, and climbing into our bed at 6:45am. Me then telling her she has to go back to sleep, her tossing and turning, whispering songs to herself, and me finally telling her to take the iPad and go lay in her bed. It works for about an hour, which is fine for me, because I get that little extra time of rest! We woke up to snow, but it was mostly melted by the middle of the day. So are supper, we headed out for a nice family walk.

Saturday, we had a house showing, so I made sure to get a bunch of cleaning done before we left the house in the morning so that when we came back, all that had to be done was the floors. I don't know about you, but I find it totally stressful cleaning a house for a showing, and keeping it clean, pfft, don't even get me started! Between the dog hair, the baby drool and the constant trail of crumbs following behind my 3 year old, i honestly don't even know....

Saturday, Mitch and I got ourselves some new phones. Our plans were up and Mitchell had smashed his screen the week before, so we found ourselves the best deal and we ended up with an iPhone 6 for me and the 6 plus for him (those things are ginormous, BTW). I opted for the 64GB version, and I'm so glad I did. After picking them up, we headed to his parents house for some turkey dinner.

Saturday also saw Palmer's first haircut. And yes, I'm that weirdo mom who saved that very first lock of cut hair in a little tiny pony and wrapped it in plastic wrap to bring it home and put in her baby book!!  We didn't cut that much off, just enough to straighten up the ends and make it even, but its already made a huge difference. I guess if you didn't cut your hair for 3 years either, it would feel amazing after a trim. It took a bit of convincing, and bribing with ice cream, but Palmer sat still for the whole haircut! (I had photos, but they got lost in between my old phone and the new one)

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most. I couldn't wait to see Palmer's excitement over the Easter Bunny coming to our house, and watching her hunt for the eggs. She ended up with some pretty good loot.

We followed up the egg hunt with a nice brunch and a walk in the river bottom, then kept it pretty quiet for the rest of the afternoon, enjoying having Daddy home before he had to take off again tonight for another week.

23 March 2016

Breelee Boutique: Shop Spotlight

Bibdanas. They are probably the best thing around these days! Although Charlie isn't quite teething yet, the amount of drool is endless. Between the spit bubbles, the hands in her mouth, and just general  dribbles, there is no shortage of drool around our house. Enter, Breelee Boutique; the cutest little shop!!

Erica, and Breelee Boutique, is based in Ottawa, Ontario, and has some of the cutest prints around. Erica began making bibdanas after her little girl was born. She was tired of Breelee ruining her outfit just minutes after putting it on. After trying traditional bibs to absorb the drool, she found them to be bulky, and just not that cute. So, she began to make her own that she could style with the outfits. So, not only is little Breelee (and now other babies too) stylish, but clothes are being protected from drool and spit up.  And, with three backing options for bibdanas, you are sure for find the right one for you and your little dribbler. Erica was kind enough to send us all three types to review, and they are all great!

The "Dribbler Lite" is a brand new backing of organic bamboo terry cloth. It is designed for lighter dribbling and summer wear.  I think this one is my favourite. I love how lightweight it is, and I know it will be perfect for our warm, dry summers.

The "Dribbler" is her classic model, released since January, backed with minky chenille. It is super absorbent and soft.  The minky fabric is so soft yet light enough for everyday wear. This one has definitely been on repeat in our house!

The "Dribbler Pro" is her other newly released backing of waterproof backing and does not soak through. Another great option. I love that it is waterproof and completely will not soak through, but is soft and doesn't seem waterproof (because I don't know about you, but when I think waterproof, I envision that slushy, noisy material!)

When we got ours in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised. The prints are even more cute in person and the quality of the bibs are outstanding. You can tell immediately that there is a lot of care put into each item, which is my favourite part about them. Erica takes the time to wash, dry, cut, sew, and assemble each piece, all while her little babe is sleeping. Each bib is made to adjust to three neck sizes, with plastic KAM snaps, so these bibs can grow with your little one!! Aside from the three fabulous prints we got, some of my favourites are Pink Archer and the Mint Cross.

So, head on over to Erica's website to check out all the great prints! AND, because I know you won't be able to choose just one or two, here is the link to her discount page, where she gives promo codes when you purchase multiples, or you can mix and match bibdanas and topknot headbands!
Print - Fancy Forest


*Disclaimer* Product was gifted to me by Breelee Botique in exchange for this review, however I only promote products in which I truly love and therefore all opinions are my own.

18 March 2016

That Friday Post

I really don't have too much to say, so I am just going to share some of my most favourite photos from the past week!

Best Friends. These girls are the cutest to watch together. They are best friends who fight like sisters!  

Baby cuddles and sleeping babes. I soaked up every last second of this!

Sister love. These girls are so full of giggles and squeals these days together, and I love it!

Toddler Style. I love that she is letting me do her hair! And, she is really nailing it when it comes to dressing herself!

Baby accessories! Bibdanas. Top knot headbands. Love it all!

15 March 2016

Mushybooks: Shop Spotlight

Keeping memories of your children as they grow is something so special, so finding a really great baby book is important to me; a place to keep photos, remember their firsts, and store their keepsakes.

Before Charlie was born, I knew I needed to get her a baby book that was easy and beautiful and that is when I came across Mushybooks. I had searched all over when Palmer was born and ended up starting her a scrapbook-like one (which I admit, I don't love). The sleek lines and modern print of Mushybooks attracted me immediately, and I knew this was one I needed to get. These books aren't your typical baby book by any means. They aren't full of tacky baby animals, or the typical baby blue, pink, or yellow. They are beautifully designed by a Canadian mama, and make filling out your baby's memory book fun and easy.

Lesley, the creator of Mushybooks, is a mama of 3, so she knows all about busy mom life. She knows that filling in a baby book shouldn't be time consuming or difficult. Thats why she made Mushybooks so adaptable. You can choose to add as much or as little as you want. You can add or remove pages as you need and truly make each book your own. 

Mushybooks has everything you could think of for a baby book. The pages are nicely laid out and it has the perfect amount of room for photos and writing. It has a special envelope in the back to keep loose items, like baby's hospital bracelet, or special cards. And, each book comes in a special protective cover, which is also super cute itself!

What I loved about these baby books was that they were very gender neutral, which was perfect because we didn't know then if we were having a boy or a girl. We went with the Dreamcatcher one, and I honestly love it so much! I am even seriously contemplating getting the A Star is Born one for Palmer too, because they are so cute and so perfect and would look fabulous on display in their bedrooms. I truly love the design of these books. So, if you are expecting, know someone who is, or just want the cutest baby book ever, check out Mushybooks! You truly will no be disappointed!

11 March 2016

That Friday Post

I'm glad this week is nearly over! I couldn't be more happy the weekend is here!!!

1. The girls have both been sick all week. We went to my parents place in Saskatchewan last Friday, and since then, they have both had runny noses and coughs. It has seriously been booger central around here and I will be so happy when its over! This mama has had enough of the nose-wiping duty.

2. And....since the girls have both been sick, I haven't made it to the gym all week. I didn't want to be that person who brings their sick kid to the gym daycare only to make all the other kids sick! I did make it out for a run, but with the wind we've been having lately, it's no fun! I will definitely be back to GoodLife Fitness next week to get in a class or two of BodyPump! I always feel great after a good fitness class!! Plus, did you read this post??

3.  My sweet friend, Tawnya, is amazing. With me being home alone all week, (including the in-laws aka babysitter when needed) and the girls being sick, she was so sweet and dropped off a bag of goodies for us. She had some delicious homemade soup and biscuits for dinner, fresh blueberry muffins, sugar candies (my favourite) and some wine. Everything a mama needed! I have the greatest friends ever!

4. Speaking of the greatest friends ever...I am looking forward to Monday's bachelor finale! Every Monday since the show started we have been getting together. We each bring a snack and we watch Ben and gossip for 2 hours. It makes for a great night out. This week, we will be going all out, even ordering a Chris Harrison cake! I have to say, I truly have no idea who he picks, but I hope its Lauren B!!

5. If you haven't seen it already, you should go check out Tuesday's collaboration with Tiny Inspirations. It is a cute, Canadian company making teething necklaces! And, I have a discount code!


10 March 2016

The Girls Have Been Sick, So I Made a List

I have always been an active individual. I grew up playing sports; soccer for many years, including University level soccer, volleyball and basketball in high school, running races, etc. But, after university, working out sort of went in ebbs and flows. I worked out, I got pregnant and it tapered off. I tried working out again, but life with a little one was hectic. I finally got into a good routine of working out about 4 times a week, which I think is a really good amount of times.

This past week, I haven't really had a chance to make it to they gym, with both girls being sick all week. I got in a run and one night of core work at home, but it really got me thinking about working out and why I do it. So, I made my "top 5 reasons I workout" list:

1. It's my ME time. Life is crazy. Life with two little ones is especially crazy. Getting to the gym or out for a run is my time for me. Its my time to unwind from the craziness that is two small children. It is time for me to do something for myself. Whether its a gym workout or running with both girls sleeping in the stroller, its my time dedicated to me.

2. To feel good about myself.  Like I said, my workouts have gone in ebbs and flows. I can tell the weeks I don't workout, or don't workout as often as I should. I feel sluggish and blah. When I workout, I feel strong and more energetic and I quite simply, just look and feel better! I am now 5 months post baby and I feel great.

3. To keep up good health. We truly don't get sick in this family too often. The girls have been sick all this week, but before that, Charlie never, and Palmer very rarely. I don't remember the last time I was sick either (fingers crossed I'm not jinxing myself here). I know that keeping strong and being active is a huge contributor to this! 

4. Its fun! I was recently invited to join a friend for BodyPump at GoodLife Fitness and have been to a few more classes since. I love it. Working out with friends in a fun, energetic environment is amazing. There is a little friendly competition going on, and I always feel like I get a great workout in.

5. To be the best role model for my girls I can be. I want to show my girls that staying active is fun. I want them to see that exercise is a lifestyle; one that requires dedication, but is so worth it. I want them to aspire to be healthy young women, and by showing them early on, I hope that it comes natural to them. I envision us being a family that hikes, and bikes, and does all these fun, healthy, family activities, so showing them to stay active early is important to me.

*Disclosure: This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program

8 March 2016

Tiny Inspirations: Shop Spotlight

I love finding truly great, practical products to use for my babies, so when I came across this Canadian company, Tiny Inspirations, I knew I found something great. 

Tiny Inspirations is a teething accessories company, creating necklaces, bracelets, teethers, pacifier clips and accessories with beautiful modern shapes, colours and styles. Erica was so kind to send the girls and I a few pieces, and we all love them! We had a chance to use the pacifier/toy clip this past weekend while travelling, and it was a life saver in the car. Clipping either a toy or a soother to the car seat made it so it was never out of reach for Charlie! 

Palmer was absolutely thrilled with her pink and purple necklace. It has easily become one of her favourite pieces to wear (and if you know Palmer at all, you will know she is often seen with multiple accessories on, all chosen by herself, of course!) I think one thing she loves about it the most is that it looks like mommy's, and I'll admit, I love that about it too!

One thing I really love about my necklace is that it is so versatile. It can be dressed up or dressed down. No matter how you wear it, you actually cannot tell they are silicone teething beads! Erica has a large range of simple, every day styles that I truly love. The one I have is the Mabelyn (and she gave us a matching kids one!) I also really love the natural, simple look of Grace and the unique boldness of the Victoria (fun fact: all Erica's necklaces are named after someone amazing in her life who gave her courage and support!)

The main reason I love my necklace though, is the practicality of it. Wearing it while I am nursing Charlie is perfect for the grabby stage. I love that this necklace gives her something to hang on to and play with while nursing, rather than clawing at my face or pulling my hair. 

These necklaces are a piece that can grow with your child. Right now, Charlie is 5 months old and plays with the necklace while she is learning her motor skills. Once she starts teething, the beads are completely safe for her to chew on. Hopefully, we get lucky with teething again and can breeze right through it, but if not, I know these products are safe for my baby. Then, once they aren't teething anymore, you can continue to wear them because they are pretty!

And, whats awesome is Erica is providing my readers and followers a 15% discount off your entire order with the code: 


So, head over to her site and check out all the other amazing products she has!! And, because she truly loves kids and children so much, she dedicates a portion of all her sales to the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada. How amazing is she???

*Disclaimer* Product was gifted to me by Tiny Inspirations in exchange for this review, however I only promote products in which I truly love and therefore all opinions are my own.

3 March 2016

From The Mouth Of Palmer: Volume 3

This girl of ours is getting smarter and smarter by the day, and every day, there is something new and surprising that comes from her mouth. So, here is "From The Mouth of Palmer: Volume 3." You can find volume 1 and volume 2 here.

  • One day I asked her "How did you get so smart." Palmer replied with, "I got it at Costco!" Like, duh mom, you can get anything at Costco!
  • If something happens (like spilled drink, or knocking something over) she shrugs her shoulders and says "It's ok. It happens."
  • Annoyed by me, she asked:
    • P: Mom, what are you doing??
    • Me: Playing with your hair.
    • P: But, its not a toy!
  • When sitting around the supper table, she will say "This is a nice party!" then go on to name everyone at the party!
  • Her favourite thing is making Charlie smile and always says "Mom, look! I made Charlie smile!"
  • "Mom, why is Charlie crying?" Because, honey. Babies cry.
  • "Mom, can I be your helper?"
  • She has this thing lately with washing her hair, so negotiates about bath time with "Otay, I'll have a bath but you can't use shampoop." Yes, she says shampoop!
  • She's hit threenager status in full force, and I have to ask her numerous times to stop being a whiner. "Otay mommy. I don't want to be a whiner anymore!"
  • Lately, we have been getting all kinds of Paw Patrol references. Half of them I don't even know. One of her favourites (which I assume is from Paw Patrol) is "Have an ear scratch."
  • Still on the Paw Patrol reference, I asked her to go get me a kleenex for Charlie's boogers. She runs back. I said thank you and she replied with "No job is too big, no pup is too small"
  • "Sure I can," is another common phrase from her. 
  • "Can we go have breakfast now?" is asked every single morning, usually too early!
  • and one of my favourites, "it's upside backwards!" whenever anything is upside-down, inside-out, or backwards.
  • and, if she doesn't like something, or doesn't want you to do something, waving both hands back and forth, she says, "no, no, no, no, no!"

1 March 2016

Archer & Antlers: Shop Spotlight and Giveaway

I love dressing the girls in cute, unique clothes, but they also need to be comfortable and practical, so when I came across Archer & Antlers a little while ago, I instantly fell in love with her designs. Not only does her small shop offer great products, but she is local, and Canadian so the price is right (and for my American friends, discounted 30% thanks to our poor dollar!).

This romper is just too cute. This vintage floral print is pretty and perfect for a little girl! Its trendy but vintage. LOVE! And, besides the fact that the prints are perfect for little babes, the quality of the work is like no other.  You can definitely tell the work will hold up to children playing! The fabric is a light and airy organic cotton, and oh, so soft! It has just the right amount of stretch, but holds its shape. 

You can definitely tell Kelsey has a tremendous passion for what she does; the quality and care put into each handmade piece is exceptional.  Kelsey is a Registered Nurse by trade (another thing I love about her!) but has always had a passion for design and sewing. When she was pregnant with her daughter, Sophia, she sewed the bedding because she couldn't find what she wanted. And again, when she was pregnant with her son, Archer. And that is when Archer & Antlers took off. She wanted something just for her, so began her Etsy shop. 

Kelsey at Archers and Antlers has some really great pieces and is launching her Spring line today! I have seen the sneak peeks on social media and they don't disappoint!! She has some cute new Spring rompers that I am dying to see. Kelsey is truly happy about her spring line because they are all pieces she would love to put on her own children.

                   "My new spring stuff is even more exciting because it is all stuff I would die 
                    to put on my own kids. That is what guides me in what I make. When I 
                    opened the shop, I didn't really know what I was about, I was just sewing, 
                    but I've done a lot of reflection as to what I want my shop to be and so I let 
                    Archer and Sophia guide that. I hope everyone enjoys my hard work."

Lucky for my readers, Kelsey is giving away a $35 shop credit for an item of your choice from Archer & Antlers. Head over to my Instagram to enter! And, make sure to let your friends know!

Archer & Antlers is restocking their shop today with some new Spring items, so definitely head over to see whats new! And, if you aren't already, you should check out her Facebook and Instagram and click "like" for all the newest updates! Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite new piece!!

*Disclaimer* Product was gifted to me by Archer & Antlers in exchange for this review, however I only promote products in which I truly love and therefore all opinions are my own.