11 March 2016

That Friday Post

I'm glad this week is nearly over! I couldn't be more happy the weekend is here!!!

1. The girls have both been sick all week. We went to my parents place in Saskatchewan last Friday, and since then, they have both had runny noses and coughs. It has seriously been booger central around here and I will be so happy when its over! This mama has had enough of the nose-wiping duty.

2. And....since the girls have both been sick, I haven't made it to the gym all week. I didn't want to be that person who brings their sick kid to the gym daycare only to make all the other kids sick! I did make it out for a run, but with the wind we've been having lately, it's no fun! I will definitely be back to GoodLife Fitness next week to get in a class or two of BodyPump! I always feel great after a good fitness class!! Plus, did you read this post??

3.  My sweet friend, Tawnya, is amazing. With me being home alone all week, (including the in-laws aka babysitter when needed) and the girls being sick, she was so sweet and dropped off a bag of goodies for us. She had some delicious homemade soup and biscuits for dinner, fresh blueberry muffins, sugar candies (my favourite) and some wine. Everything a mama needed! I have the greatest friends ever!

4. Speaking of the greatest friends ever...I am looking forward to Monday's bachelor finale! Every Monday since the show started we have been getting together. We each bring a snack and we watch Ben and gossip for 2 hours. It makes for a great night out. This week, we will be going all out, even ordering a Chris Harrison cake! I have to say, I truly have no idea who he picks, but I hope its Lauren B!!

5. If you haven't seen it already, you should go check out Tuesday's collaboration with Tiny Inspirations. It is a cute, Canadian company making teething necklaces! And, I have a discount code!


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