8 March 2016

Tiny Inspirations: Shop Spotlight

I love finding truly great, practical products to use for my babies, so when I came across this Canadian company, Tiny Inspirations, I knew I found something great. 

Tiny Inspirations is a teething accessories company, creating necklaces, bracelets, teethers, pacifier clips and accessories with beautiful modern shapes, colours and styles. Erica was so kind to send the girls and I a few pieces, and we all love them! We had a chance to use the pacifier/toy clip this past weekend while travelling, and it was a life saver in the car. Clipping either a toy or a soother to the car seat made it so it was never out of reach for Charlie! 

Palmer was absolutely thrilled with her pink and purple necklace. It has easily become one of her favourite pieces to wear (and if you know Palmer at all, you will know she is often seen with multiple accessories on, all chosen by herself, of course!) I think one thing she loves about it the most is that it looks like mommy's, and I'll admit, I love that about it too!

One thing I really love about my necklace is that it is so versatile. It can be dressed up or dressed down. No matter how you wear it, you actually cannot tell they are silicone teething beads! Erica has a large range of simple, every day styles that I truly love. The one I have is the Mabelyn (and she gave us a matching kids one!) I also really love the natural, simple look of Grace and the unique boldness of the Victoria (fun fact: all Erica's necklaces are named after someone amazing in her life who gave her courage and support!)

The main reason I love my necklace though, is the practicality of it. Wearing it while I am nursing Charlie is perfect for the grabby stage. I love that this necklace gives her something to hang on to and play with while nursing, rather than clawing at my face or pulling my hair. 

These necklaces are a piece that can grow with your child. Right now, Charlie is 5 months old and plays with the necklace while she is learning her motor skills. Once she starts teething, the beads are completely safe for her to chew on. Hopefully, we get lucky with teething again and can breeze right through it, but if not, I know these products are safe for my baby. Then, once they aren't teething anymore, you can continue to wear them because they are pretty!

And, whats awesome is Erica is providing my readers and followers a 15% discount off your entire order with the code: 


So, head over to her site and check out all the other amazing products she has!! And, because she truly loves kids and children so much, she dedicates a portion of all her sales to the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada. How amazing is she???

*Disclaimer* Product was gifted to me by Tiny Inspirations in exchange for this review, however I only promote products in which I truly love and therefore all opinions are my own.

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