15 March 2016

Mushybooks: Shop Spotlight

Keeping memories of your children as they grow is something so special, so finding a really great baby book is important to me; a place to keep photos, remember their firsts, and store their keepsakes.

Before Charlie was born, I knew I needed to get her a baby book that was easy and beautiful and that is when I came across Mushybooks. I had searched all over when Palmer was born and ended up starting her a scrapbook-like one (which I admit, I don't love). The sleek lines and modern print of Mushybooks attracted me immediately, and I knew this was one I needed to get. These books aren't your typical baby book by any means. They aren't full of tacky baby animals, or the typical baby blue, pink, or yellow. They are beautifully designed by a Canadian mama, and make filling out your baby's memory book fun and easy.

Lesley, the creator of Mushybooks, is a mama of 3, so she knows all about busy mom life. She knows that filling in a baby book shouldn't be time consuming or difficult. Thats why she made Mushybooks so adaptable. You can choose to add as much or as little as you want. You can add or remove pages as you need and truly make each book your own. 

Mushybooks has everything you could think of for a baby book. The pages are nicely laid out and it has the perfect amount of room for photos and writing. It has a special envelope in the back to keep loose items, like baby's hospital bracelet, or special cards. And, each book comes in a special protective cover, which is also super cute itself!

What I loved about these baby books was that they were very gender neutral, which was perfect because we didn't know then if we were having a boy or a girl. We went with the Dreamcatcher one, and I honestly love it so much! I am even seriously contemplating getting the A Star is Born one for Palmer too, because they are so cute and so perfect and would look fabulous on display in their bedrooms. I truly love the design of these books. So, if you are expecting, know someone who is, or just want the cutest baby book ever, check out Mushybooks! You truly will no be disappointed!

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