23 March 2016

Breelee Boutique: Shop Spotlight

Bibdanas. They are probably the best thing around these days! Although Charlie isn't quite teething yet, the amount of drool is endless. Between the spit bubbles, the hands in her mouth, and just general  dribbles, there is no shortage of drool around our house. Enter, Breelee Boutique; the cutest little shop!!

Erica, and Breelee Boutique, is based in Ottawa, Ontario, and has some of the cutest prints around. Erica began making bibdanas after her little girl was born. She was tired of Breelee ruining her outfit just minutes after putting it on. After trying traditional bibs to absorb the drool, she found them to be bulky, and just not that cute. So, she began to make her own that she could style with the outfits. So, not only is little Breelee (and now other babies too) stylish, but clothes are being protected from drool and spit up.  And, with three backing options for bibdanas, you are sure for find the right one for you and your little dribbler. Erica was kind enough to send us all three types to review, and they are all great!

The "Dribbler Lite" is a brand new backing of organic bamboo terry cloth. It is designed for lighter dribbling and summer wear.  I think this one is my favourite. I love how lightweight it is, and I know it will be perfect for our warm, dry summers.

The "Dribbler" is her classic model, released since January, backed with minky chenille. It is super absorbent and soft.  The minky fabric is so soft yet light enough for everyday wear. This one has definitely been on repeat in our house!

The "Dribbler Pro" is her other newly released backing of waterproof backing and does not soak through. Another great option. I love that it is waterproof and completely will not soak through, but is soft and doesn't seem waterproof (because I don't know about you, but when I think waterproof, I envision that slushy, noisy material!)

When we got ours in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised. The prints are even more cute in person and the quality of the bibs are outstanding. You can tell immediately that there is a lot of care put into each item, which is my favourite part about them. Erica takes the time to wash, dry, cut, sew, and assemble each piece, all while her little babe is sleeping. Each bib is made to adjust to three neck sizes, with plastic KAM snaps, so these bibs can grow with your little one!! Aside from the three fabulous prints we got, some of my favourites are Pink Archer and the Mint Cross.

So, head on over to Erica's website to check out all the great prints! AND, because I know you won't be able to choose just one or two, here is the link to her discount page, where she gives promo codes when you purchase multiples, or you can mix and match bibdanas and topknot headbands!
Print - Fancy Forest


*Disclaimer* Product was gifted to me by Breelee Botique in exchange for this review, however I only promote products in which I truly love and therefore all opinions are my own.

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