27 March 2016

Easter Weekend

This weekend was especially nice because the long weekend meant we would get three days with Mitch instead of the usual two. For the most part, things were kept pretty low key, but that is perfectly fine with me.

We kicked our weekend off Thursday evening when Mitch got home from being away for work. We didn't do too much of anything, but enjoyed each others company. Palmer is always so excited to see him after a long week apart. 

Friday started with Palmer being up early, as per usual, and climbing into our bed at 6:45am. Me then telling her she has to go back to sleep, her tossing and turning, whispering songs to herself, and me finally telling her to take the iPad and go lay in her bed. It works for about an hour, which is fine for me, because I get that little extra time of rest! We woke up to snow, but it was mostly melted by the middle of the day. So are supper, we headed out for a nice family walk.

Saturday, we had a house showing, so I made sure to get a bunch of cleaning done before we left the house in the morning so that when we came back, all that had to be done was the floors. I don't know about you, but I find it totally stressful cleaning a house for a showing, and keeping it clean, pfft, don't even get me started! Between the dog hair, the baby drool and the constant trail of crumbs following behind my 3 year old, i honestly don't even know....

Saturday, Mitch and I got ourselves some new phones. Our plans were up and Mitchell had smashed his screen the week before, so we found ourselves the best deal and we ended up with an iPhone 6 for me and the 6 plus for him (those things are ginormous, BTW). I opted for the 64GB version, and I'm so glad I did. After picking them up, we headed to his parents house for some turkey dinner.

Saturday also saw Palmer's first haircut. And yes, I'm that weirdo mom who saved that very first lock of cut hair in a little tiny pony and wrapped it in plastic wrap to bring it home and put in her baby book!!  We didn't cut that much off, just enough to straighten up the ends and make it even, but its already made a huge difference. I guess if you didn't cut your hair for 3 years either, it would feel amazing after a trim. It took a bit of convincing, and bribing with ice cream, but Palmer sat still for the whole haircut! (I had photos, but they got lost in between my old phone and the new one)

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most. I couldn't wait to see Palmer's excitement over the Easter Bunny coming to our house, and watching her hunt for the eggs. She ended up with some pretty good loot.

We followed up the egg hunt with a nice brunch and a walk in the river bottom, then kept it pretty quiet for the rest of the afternoon, enjoying having Daddy home before he had to take off again tonight for another week.

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